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  • Level: secondary 1
  • Subject: English
  • Max Class Size: 6

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  • Wednesday 04:30 PM - 06:00 PM


  • 59 New Upper Changi Road #01-1258
    Singapore 461059

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Taught by current/ex MOE teachers.

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Achieve 360 was founded by a group of passionate teachers who recognize that every student has unique learning needs. We bridge the gaps created by mass education to unlock the potential in our students by giving them the guidance they require in a fun yet conducive environment.

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  • 59 New Upper Changi Road #01-1258
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Reviews for Achieve 360 Learning Centres

by Guest 1 year ago

My name is Alice from SAC and this is my 3rd year with Mr Hong at Achieve 360. He is my tutor for both Maths and Physics and I really look forward to my lessons with him. He is always very knowledgeable about not just the subject content but many other related and non related matters too. He makes it easy to relate what I learn with real world examples of Maths and Physics and through him I have learned to appreciate both subjects more. Thank you!

Mum of Joshua
by Guest 1 year ago

My son has been with them since primary 3. Last year he did extremely well in his P5 year end paper. He has shown great improvement. He dislikes doing math problem sums because most of the time he can't get the model or answer right. Im glad I started him early. He has constantly improve over the years. Was really happy with his result last year. (91/100) Thank you Ms Claudin.

by Guest 1 year ago

I am in secondary three this year and a current student at achieve in bedok. I have been going to achieve for my math and science tuition for the past 2 years and it has helped me to improve tremendously. When I first started in secondary 1, I could barely pass my tests because I found it difficult to understand the concepts being taught. My tutors at achieve really helped in making things easy to understand and were very patient with me. I managed to complete sec 2 as top of the class and want to thank both Mr Kenneth and Mr Eugene for their invaluable help.

Li Meiling

Parent of current student
by Guest 1 year ago

My son has been attending lessons at this tuition centre for 4 years+ now and really loves this place. The teachers are approachable and very good with children which I think is very important. He scored 2 A's and 2 A*'s in his PSLE which was way above my expectations when I first enrolled him. He is in Secondary 1 this year so he recently had a change of tutors (was taught by Ms Claudin in primary levels for nearly 4 years) and he is getting along very well with his new tutor too.

Mrs Lim (Mother of Caden Lim)

by Guest 1 year ago

I joined this tuition centre as a student when I was in Sec 4 last year. I was struggling with my A Math, Chem and Physics as I found it difficult to keep up with the teacher. I have just received my O level results recently and I got A1 for both Math and Physics... And surprisingly an A2 for my Chemistry which I never expected because I couldn't even pass my exams previously. My tutor is really good at explaining concepts in alternative ways when I don't understand anything and he is really knowledgeable about matters even outside of textbooks and exam papers. I am really thankful to my tutors here and I still keep in touch with them often.