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About this tuition group

  • Level: primary 1 to primary 3
  • Subject: English, Chinese, Science
  • Max Class Size: 3

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Wednesday 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM


  • 626 Yishun Street 61
    Singapore 760626

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  • Aircon
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Struggling with Chinese OR English? Come build up your Chinese foundation with our unique and unconventional bilingual teaching!

Build up Science foundation (exam based answering techniques)

Professional Full-Time Tutor with a BSc (Hons) from NUS with over 9 years of tutoring experience. Syllabus based approach.

How do we achieve our As?
- Free 24/7 tutor consultation stand-by
- Max 3 students, small tuition size
- Free trial class, free worksheets
- Monthly Assessment Test (Parents can track month-on-month improvement)
- Exam Answering Skills Set

Proven technique, easy A!

Students Testimonial -

Sec 2 English, Orchid Park Sec - C to A (Successfully switched to Express Stream)
Sec 2 Geography, Ngee Ann Sec - A for Geography
Sec 4 English, Fuchun Sec - Fail to Grade 1 for N'Level (Heading to Poly)

Whatsapp us at wa.me/6588910172

Tutor's Experience

Ms Yong
• NUS BSc (Hons)
• Edusave Award Recipient (2010 - 2018)
• Almost a decade of private tutoring experience

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About the tutor

A Team Tuition


  • 626 Yishun Street 61

Testimonials for A Team Tuition

by Jie Ying JY 1 year ago

Ms JY is good and goes the extra mile, help with my last strech to N'Level, managed to go into Polytechnic. She was able to simplified the exam in an easy to understand manner to achieve maximum points. She was able to break down the points system and time allocation. Would recommend!