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About this tuition group

  • Level: secondary 3 to secondary 5
  • Subject: Physics
  • Max Class Size: 3

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Sunday 02:30 PM - 04:00 PM


  • 148 Potong Pasir Avenue 1
    Singapore 350148

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More Information About This Class

This class is specially created to help beginners of the subject or those who are weak and cannot cope with the syllabus. I welcome foreign students but do note that the lesson will be taught in English as the main examination (GCE O Levels) will be in English.

I will simplify the concept so that it is graspable for the students who find the subject confusing. After which example teaching will also be employed to make sure that students fully understand the concept.

During the class, there will be timed practises to train students to think quickly and come up with accurate solutions under a time constraint. This is because throughout my years of study and teaching, I have realised that the lack of speed is a big problem for many students who are not able to do well for Physics (other than the lack of understanding for the subject).

Take-away homework will be given with considerations of the amount of school work given. Practises are mainly done in class.

Students can expect to see improvements in their grades within a month (given that the student is diligent) and the ultimate aim is of course to score for the final exams and o levels.

Tutor's Experience

I'm Constance and I'm currently a final year student in NTU. I have been teaching as a part time tutor for the past 5 years since I finished my A Levels. Over the past 5 years, I have taught H2 physics and mathematics as well as upper sec physics and additional mathematics.

I may not be a trained NIE teacher but I have been excelling in my studies without putting too much time on my studies. I believe in the skill of studying smartly so that I can have more time to do other things to balance out my mental health. This is especially important to students of this age. Hence if you attend my lessons, you'll definitely enjoy class and you will definitely see improvements in your grades.

On an average, my students have gotten A1s and A2s for both subjects. Apart from the 1 or 2 students who have already been doing well on an average (Bs), there are many who use to fail badly (below 20/100 for a test).

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About the tutor

  • 148 Potong Pasir Avenue 1

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