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  • Level: primary 6
  • Subject: Science
  • Max Class Size: 5

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  • Tuesday 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM


  • 120 Bishan Street 12
    Singapore 570120

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More Information About This Class

Primary 6 is a critical year for students as they prepare themselves for the PSLE. The fear of not excelling gives parents and students tremendous stress.

However, we believe that an encouraging and affirming learning environment will maximize students’ learning. That is what Mr Calvin is widely known for amongst his students.

His caring and approachable personality makes him an excellent teacher for students who struggle with their studies and have a negative mindset of themselves. The positive vibes around him often challenges students to think more positively and confidently.

Using real life examples to explain mathematical concepts, his coaching never fail to leave his students loving mathematics more than before. He also uses exams questions to teach concepts and allow students to apply their understanding in those questions.

He doesn’t believe in providing answers to students so that they can ‘fill in the blanks’. Instead, he focuses on students’ understanding of the questions and using the right method to solve mathematical problems.

With the right tools in their hands, we are sure that our students will be well equipped with the necessary skills to propel them to excel in their Primary School Leaving Examinations ( PSLE ).

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Brain Matter adopts its very own 5 A's pedagogy to help your child understand, remember and enjoy whatever is taught.

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