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About this tuition group

  • Level: Junior College
  • Subject: General Paper
  • Max Class Size: 5

Class days (1 times per week)

  • Monday 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM


  • 722 Yishun Street 71
    Singapore 760722

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More Information About This Class

A smart student once said:

“I want to search, reason, enjoy, reflect, understand, explore, investigate, challenge, apply….

I want to Learn. Grow. Live.”

Education is a pretty abstract term. What education may mean to you may be something entirely different to someone else.

Is it simply an endless pursuit of marks, scores, grades?

Is it nothing but an expensive ‘thrill ride’ with no goal in sight?

Is it a dreary ‘means to success in life?’

Or is there much more to it all?

Is it really possible to have fun in a GP class and excel to the best of your abilities?

My students think so

Tutor's Experience

Do visit my website at https://inspirationalwondercom.wordpress.com

Over 10 years full-time teaching experience in teaching English and Business subjects

English O levels New 1128 Syllabus
General Paper (JC all levels)
Literature (Secondary/JC)
IP/IG/IB English/Literature (Extended Essay/TOK/IOC/FOA etc)
Adult Conversational/Business Conversational
Marketing and Business Studies
All English and Business related subjects


First class BA HONS Biz Management University of Northampton United Kingdom
Top 5% Mass Communication Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Native English Speaker (UK)
Effectively bilingual, fluent in Mandarin
Short story writer Poetry and music composition
Published SAT guide book
Taught in a private American School
GP students currently make up 80% of my group of students
Students have come from China, Korea, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Thailand, Vietnam and of course, locally.Schools and businesses include: ACS, ACSI, ACJC, AMKSS, CHIJ, CIS, HWA CHONG INT’L, IJ, MI, NANYANG, NEXUS, NGEE ANN POLY, NTU, OFS, SOTA, SCGS, SIM, SMU, SJI, SINGAPORE POLY, SRJC, TEMASEK POLY, UWC, VJC, YJC, AQG, METTLER TOLEDO, THE KOREAN EMBASSY….

Teaching Style

1-1, Small groups to maximise learning potential
Engaging, Informative and FUN!
Practical, Target-oriented, Goal-driven
Analysis of key areas of students’ abilities, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses
On the spot correction of errors and recommended solutions
Highly interactive with suitable use of technology
Genuinely keen to observe student engagement and improvement
Real world application.
Testimonials upon request

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About the tutor

Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith

  • 722 Yishun Street 71

Testimonials for Marcus Smith

Jolene, Current JC2 Student at IJ
by Guest 10 months ago

“Initially, I seriously dreaded GP lessons in schools and GP seems to be a subject that I can’t score well in.
But after attending Mr Smith’s lessons, his fun and engaging lessons allows me to better understand world issues and drawing the links of how it affects us.
He certainly sparked my interest in GP and encourages me to look beyond my narrow scope of thinking.
Additionally, he provides really good structures and tips especially the techniques to start my GP essays with a boom to impress my markers (which my school fails to teach me) and crafting good body paragraphs with powerful evidences to enhance the reliability of my essays. Outside of tuition, he even created a whatsapp group to share news, relevant stats and even motivational quotes which I greatly appreciate.
Really a hardworking and dedicated teacher!
Through his guidance, I have seen a tremendous jump in my GP grades which was unexpected. And this certainly boost my confidence level in conquering the GP paper at the A’levels exam

Shu Ling JC2 Student Serangoon Junior College (Current student)
by Guest 10 months ago

“GP had always be boring to me and it had never interested me in any way. But all these changed when I met Mr Smith as my tuition teacher. It is really amazing how GP can be fun and interesting, especially when I get to discuss with him about all the current issues around the world. Moreover, I have passed my prelims and seen an improvement in my grade after taking his tuition classes. He has taught me many skills that my teachers in school have not taught me before. Mr Smith is very encouraging and I appreciate it a lot because it really boosts my confidence especially when I had earlier failed GP in every single test I had taken in school!”

Gina Quah, Nanyang Junior College JC2 Student (Current student)
by Guest 10 months ago

"Mr Smith teaches through ways that engage his students, with real world issues and circumstances from
articles, dissertations, videos etc. He teaches us to think out of the box, and away from the rigid structure that
the school teachers usually force us to upkeep, allowing us to create better engagement and flow in our writing. Will definitely recommend him for those who are weak in GP and in need of help."
Gina Quah, JC2 Nanyang Junior College

Ming Suan, Current JC 2 student from MI
by Guest 10 months ago

"Mr Marcus' teaching style makes it easier for the students to understand what GP is all about, and I now have a much better grasp on how to tackle my GP essay as well as the confidence to handle Paper 2.
Thank you Mr Marcus for making the class fun too!"