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About this tuition group

  • Level: primary 1 to primary 3
  • Subject: Maths
  • Max Class Size: 20

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Sunday 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM


  • 534 Serangoon North Avenue 4
    Singapore 550534

Lessons will be conducted online until 1 Jun
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More Information About This Class

This Class is setup solely to create and motivate students towards having interest in Maths. We believed that Maths is a subject of understanding and application and thus we have to start cultivating interest in them, such that they will start exploring the questions on their own and practice them , instead of being asked to do work on their own. In this class, we focus on fun and made Learning maths easy to understand

Tutor's Experience

I have > 10 years of tutoring experience. Over the period of tutoring, I realize that it is NOT the students' fault that their results are not as good as others. But rather they do not have the interest or lack the ability to understand the questions on their own. However, after a few sessions with them, and constant counselling and encouragement, they managed to understand and shown greater and greater interest in the subject. Some even changed their perspective of the subject and reported to me that they never knew that the subject was so much fun and useful. Their results have also improved over the months.

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About the tutor

Koonheng Yeo


  • 534 Serangoon North Avenue 4

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