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About this tuition group

  • Level: Junior College
  • Subject: Maths (H2)
  • Max Class Size: 6

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Saturday 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM


  • 103 Hillview Rise
    Singapore 667982

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More Information About This Class

The class size is small as I want to make sure there is a personal interaction with each student and be able to track their performance as not everyone's learning curve is different.my aimia to make the topic as enjoyable as possible to ease the learning for every student. Notes are compiled by myself along with my past notes when I was in RI and Cedar Girls'. Feel free to contact me to find out more (:

Tutor's Experience

I've been teaching Math and Economics ever since I started University (6 years and counting) and it was purely to earn an income for myself while studying. However I started to develop a passion in teaching overtime due to joy I encounter while communicating with my students and watch them grow. When I was a student I realise that it is important for a teacher to be able to breakdown a topic to you and enable you to understand in the simplest and most enjoyable way possible, because I believe enjoying the subject is the first step to do well in a subject (math, in this case). So while teaching I hope I will be able to help each and every student to see Math in a positive light as well as have a breakthrough eventually. A breakthrough is not necessarily an A, but definitely going up from whichever level you were at (be it from E8, to C6, that is still an improvement and it IS a breakthrough). Looking forward to work with the students!

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About the tutor

Liu Xin Yi


  • 103 Hillview Rise

Testimonials for Liu Xin Yi

Ex student for Economics
by Guest 1 year ago

Xin Yi is a Super kind teacher who is very patient no matter what. Despite not being able to understand the Econs or math topic, she is able to teach and find methods to ensure that her student understands it. She helps even outside of lesson, for example through the phone when there are last minute questions and needs to be urgently done, she would reply and help no matter what!:) I really like this teaching method as it makes me more interested and want to learn more!:) Thank you:)

-Danielle Patterson, ACS

Ex Student for h1 mathematics
by Guest 1 year ago

Xin Yi is a tutor who is able to break down difficult concepts into simple methods. She is encouraging as well as knowledgeable about Math and can explain questions and answers well. She is also patient and overall a great tutor!

-Randall, MI

Ex Student, H1 Math
by Guest 1 year ago

She’s understanding and very patient especially when i take a long time to understand a certain concept.Shes always very enthusiastic and that make me look foward to each of her lesson.She also gives a lot of practices which allow me to be exposed to the different kind of questions that may appear in exams and that really help a lot.My math improved tremendously and i now enjoy doing it.

-Fatimah, Millenia Institute

Ex student for H2 Math
by Guest 1 year ago

Xinyi is an organised and very committed tutor. She was very patient and clear when trying to explain concepts or solutions to me. She provided very useful notes and questions for reference and practice. I’m very thankful that whenever major exams drew near, she would be able to find time to double up on lessons each week, and that we could always WhatsApp questions to her whenever we had doubts or issues with homework. She would give us timed practices and even compiled past year exam questions personally for us which really helped me during my preparation for As.

-Sarah Kwek, ACJC

Sec Math tutor and currently my JC math tutor
by Guest 1 year ago

Xin Yi is a very responsive and enthusiastic teacher, she is also highly proficient in her field of work, and is committed to her duties of granting me an in-depth understanding of certain mathematical concepts and assisting me in solving questions. She recommends me very useful resources such as guidebooks and assessment papers, which cater to my level of understanding of the topic and aid me in further applying my knowledge to the problems. She is patient, kind and eager to impart the knowledge she has gained through her past experiences to her students, and is willing to go through great lengths to provide us with the highest quality of learning, such as helping us clear our doubts and questions outside of class time when we message her. I enjoyed having an engaging tutor like her as it was not only helpful, but it was also fun and encouraging to learn from her during her tuition classes, and she serves as a great motivation for me to improve and do well for the subject.

-Alyssa Savier, Raffles Institution