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  • Level: Junior College
  • Subject: Physics
  • Max Class Size: 5

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  • Saturday 11:00 AM - 01:30 PM


  • 247 Tampines Street 21
    Singapore 521247

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Hi:) You can probably guess I did quite well in my ‘A’ Levels - got 6 Distinctions for H2 PCME, was offered Pharmacy and Computer Science at NUS, received a NUS Scholarship, etc. But honestly, that isn't very important. Instead, let's focus on what I can do for you. Take a look at how I have helped JC students like you:

1. RJC J2 girl, D to A within 5 months; got into NUS Medicine
2. TPJC J2 boy, U to B within 5 months
3. SRJC J2 girl, S to A after 8 months
4. VJC J2 girl, U to A after a year

What's my secret to helping students improve so quickly? Simple, I was once like you. Unlike the classic success story, my ‘O’ Level results were far from stellar. Moving on to JC, I wanted to do well, so I researched and discovered the most effective and efficient ways to study (as little as 30mins per day per subject). By changing my study techniques, I was able to improve my own grades and later on, the grades of my students. The results? You can see for yourself above.

Anyway, from 2018 onwards, I have decided to teach H2 Physics only as I want to ensure quality and commit to helping my students. I am serious about my students getting value-for-money lessons and materials (which I have carefully compiled to facilitate learning and strengthen concepts). I adopt a befriender approach but with the hopes that my students are committed to their learning. To my prospective student, I am looking forward to guiding you along this ‘A’ Level journey.

*I am also able to coach for the BMAT(needed for NTU and UK medical schools) and help with personal statement vetting; was invited for interview by NUS and NTU Medicine, NUS Dentistry, PSC Scholarships, and CAPT(NUS UTown RC).

***Class timing not yet fixed; flexible between Saturdays and Sundays.

(Contact tutor directly for other slots)

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  • 247 Tampines Street 21

Testimonials for Edwin

by Guest 2 years ago

Edwin has been a dedicated and excellent tutor. My daughter who was initially doing badly for Physics saw tremendous improvement from just passsing to getting A1 for her prelims and O Levels. My daughter enjoys Edwin's lessons as he is patient and explains concepts in a way that she understands well.