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About this tuition group

  • Level: secondary 3 to secondary 5
  • Subject: Physics
  • Max Class Size: 4

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Saturday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


  • 133 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
    Singapore 560133

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More Information About This Class

Physics is a notoriously difficult subject. To me a good tutor is one who can explain difficult physics concepts in a way that everyone can understand. In the process of teaching, I try to motivate my students to be curious learners and critical thinkers, because these skills will take them far in their academic journey :)

Classes will be split into 3 segments:

1. Physics intensive foundation building for specific topic (notes provided)
2. Review of worksheet (common examination strategies and questions identified)
3. Practice and Q&A: students will attempt the worksheet questions while tutor will go down to each student to answers any question and check each student’s understanding.

What do the students receive:

1. Personalized notes
2. Quality worksheets
3. Exam papers from top schools in Singapore
4. Mind maps sorted by chapters
5. Free after lesson help with queries and doubts
6. Maximal guidance from tutor as class is limited to a maximum of 4

133 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3

Has 5 years of teaching experience in Physics.


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Tutor's Experience

Specialist in Physics.
• Graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Physics) from NUS in 2018.
• Oversaw the improvement of 20 students (Upper secondary and JC) in the last 5 years.
• Drafted lesson plan for each student to help them to achieve their goals.
• 90% of students scored distinction (A1 or A2) for O levels.
• Confident and patient in explaining complex ideas in physics
• Taught at a school in Taiwan from 2017 to 2018.

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About the tutor

Brandon Ang


  • 133 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3

Testimonials for Brandon Ang

Student 2.0
by Guest 10 months ago

I think that the classes are really useful and great i would recomend him to other people...etc. The notesssss are useful and creative and easy to understand. I like that the teacher is relax and that listens to us. I learn alot everytime but i wish that we can have longer breaks.

by Guest 10 months ago

A great tutor who is really accommodating to my needs! He is very patient and friendly when teaching and provide very useful notes along with common exam questions to help me with my learning. He's very clear in his teaching and I understand every topic a lot better after every class. His lessons are helpful as he conducts his lesson in a way I understand and he uses other methods to explain whenever I am still unsure.

by Isaac Lim 1 year ago

Mr Brandon taught me Physics . He is nice and clear with his explanation , and my results improved from b4 to a1. He has personal notes and worksheets which were very useful for my learning. He tries to bring in real world concepts into our learning, so lessons are fun and enlightening.

by Guest 1 year ago

I was introduced to my tutor a few months ago, and my grades has gone from a fail to pass. When teaching, he will always be patient to listen and try his best to understand what the student need or say. He gives good advice, skills and tips for upcoming exams and test. He brings positive attitude into the lesson and never fails to make the lesson a productive one. Also, he explains everything in a way that I can understand better.In any question that I am not sure, I can seek for his guidance. The best tuition teacher I came across so far.