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About this tuition group

  • Level: primary 4 to primary 6
  • Subject: English
  • Max Class Size: 5

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Monday 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM


  • 23 Fernvale Close
    Singapore 797461

  • school teacher

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More Information About This Class

I will coach you on the following:

Composition writing skills
Comprehension answering skills
Situational writing skills

The pacing will not be as rigorous as P6 due to the reasons I mentioned in my description as it’s building foundation and so should not be a touch n go approach. A lot of modelling of answers will be done to help you, be it for composition or comprehension in particular due to higher weightage of marks. I strongly believe you will benefit from these lessons.

Tutor's Experience

I’m a current secondary school teacher who has almost 20 years of Upper Primary English tutoring experience. P5 is a key year as it’s the last year for building foundation before entry to P6, where its ideal for most lessons to be about revision and practice. It is important for students to strengthen their basic in P5 year rather than scrape through to P6 with a shaky foundation. I use similar teaching methods by mindstretcher and learning lab tuition centres.

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About the tutor



  • 23 Fernvale Close

Testimonials for Rene

Ex-P5 and P6 student, Andrea Yeo
by Guest 10 months ago

She tutored me for 2 years. I was weak in my tenses. She went through different types of tenses and made me do a consolidated summary sheet of the 3 main groups of tenses. The she advised me to use a common group of tenses often, so that I could score for language in my compo by minimising mistakes. For comprehension, she is very particular about the need to answer the question directly and taught us how to use mark allocation more accurately. Her place is quiet and conducive and we have lessons in the living room. Miss those days! Happy to have been part of her group tuition and oh, I made some new friends also! HELLO MS RENE! I’m more than thrilled to post a review for u!!

Current p5 and p6 brothers, Melvin and kelvin
by Guest 10 months ago

My brother and I were taught by her since p3 and p4. We were quite naughty actually haha. But she has managed to handle us well so far & tried new methods with us for compo which we were not taught in school. We have tuition with her twice a week one for grammar and vocab and the other, only composition as these are the parts we want to improve on. So far my younger brother’s p4 sa2 for English improved a lot. For me the improvement in my ideas for compo is way better than before just that I occasionally make mistakes in grammar due to not checking my work. Once she made me count the number of mistakes and write it down. That’s when I realised how big the number was and how costly it can be for my grades. For every compo tuition, I check my work more regularly now. She is also quite funny yet firm, and makes us comfortable during lessons as what she expects from us is clear. We are now in p5 and p6. Keeping our fingers crossed that with her guidance, I will be the first to get an A before my younger bro! Haha!

Ex-P6 Student, Clarissa Lim
by Guest 10 months ago

Ms Rene is a very engaging tutor. I enjoyed going for tuition because of how clear her explanations and methods are. She also gave us tips about time management and mark allocation in addition to answering techniques. I improved from C grade to A grade after being inconsistent for a long time, and I’m grateful for that.