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About this tuition group

  • Level: secondary 3 to secondary 5
  • Subject: Chinese
  • Max Class Size: 1

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Thursday 05:00 PM - 06:30 PM


  • 354 Clementi Avenue 2
    Singapore 120354

  • ex-school teacher
  • Aircon

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More Information About This Class

Your child would be tutored on the following content/skill areas:
1. Vocabulary Revision
2. Comprehension Skills Training
3. Narrative Writing Revision
4. Argumentative Writing Revision
5. Email Writing Revision

Quick turnover for composition and email writing, with individualized critique. Students will be involved in a formative feedback cycle where they can partake in an open discussion on their essays. Through the reasoning and rationalisation of their essays, students will be able to understand blindspots and misconceptions in their writing process and take active steps to rectify them through self-editing during the examination.

Your child may also raise any other areas of concern and it would be duly addressed. You will receive a monthly feedback report on your child's performance and progress.

*Tuition timings are negotiable.
**Suitable for Secondary 3 Higher Chinese, Secondary 4 and Secondary 5 Students who are taking their End of Year O Level Chinese Papers

Tutor's Experience

Former MOE Teacher (2014 - 2018)
Group Tutor and Curriculum Writer for Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary classes at a tuition centre (2018 - present)
Private tutor for Secondary Level students (open to working with graduating students)

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About the tutor

Leon Lim


  • 354 Clementi Avenue 2

Testimonials for Leon Lim

by Yeo W T Pam 4 months ago

He is a very good and caring teacher. I am a student from the normal academic stream, he encourage me , help me in my Chinese language. I was not good in writing compo and not really good in oral , however under mr Lim's teaching , I am able to write out a compo that is the same standard as Express stream and have the ability to score high marks. Recently I got back my o level Chinese result and I am really happy that I am able to score a good result. I remember and applied whatever Mr lim taught me. He is really a good teacher ! He taught that if u want to success u have to work hard and failure is a part of success:)

by Thaddeus Lim 5 months ago

Teacher Leon has helped me to improve my Chinese O Level grade remarkably in a relatively short period of time. From a B4 in my MYES to a A2 in my O Levels.He has made a great difference especially in my oral grade, boosting it up to a distinction for my O Levels. I sincerely thank Teacher Leon for all the help he has given me.