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  • Level: Junior College
  • Subject: Maths (H2)
  • Max Class Size: 1

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  • Saturday 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM


  • 509 Bedok North Street 3
    Singapore 460509

  • ex-school teacher
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Maximum of 1 student in this class.

Tutor's Experience

I taught as a flexi-adjunct in Anglo-Chinese Junior College (Jul to Nov 2019 and Jul 2012 to Nov 2013), National Junior College (Mar 2014 to May 2016) & Anderson Junior College (Feb to Nov 2018) and was a permanent teacher in Serangoon Junior College (Jan 2006 to Dec 2007).

Other institutions I taught at are Singapore University of Social Sciences (Jan 2012 to Jun 2016), Anglican High School (Jan to Dec 2008) and Republic Polytechnic (using problem-based learning approach, Jun 2009 to Aug 2010). I also analysed statistics for two projects as a Senior Executive with Ministry of Home Affairs (Feb to Apr 2012).

Also, I was a member of Mensa Singapore & the Olympiad Mathematics Training Team in Victoria Junior College. Because of these and my experience with students of different abilities, I know how to adjust my approach accordingly to suit the student.

Listed below are all of my private tutoring experience from Year 2015 and the students' results.

~ IB diploma Mathematics SL -- switched to Math Studies in Mar 2014 -- for a student of School of the Arts (134 hours from Dec 2013 to Nov 2015) (Band 6, second highest possible band, after Band 7, at IB exam)

~ A-level H2 Mathematics for a student of Victoria Junior College (79 hours from Dec 2015 to Nov 2016) (From Grade S in JC1 promotional exam to Ace, highest possible grade, at A-level exam)

~ A-level H2 Mathematics for a student of Temasek Junior College (40 hours from Jul 2016 to Oct 2016) (From Grade S or U not long before Jul 2016 to Ace, highest possible grade, at A-level exam)

~ Applied Regression with R for a student of The London School of Economics and Political Science (United Kingdom) (3 hours in 2 face-to-face sessions in Singapore in Apr 2017) (No reply from student after I Whatsapped and e-mailed her about her grade)

~ Introductory Mathematics for a student of National University of Singapore (33 hours from Aug 2017 to Nov 2017) (A-, third highest possible grade, after A+ and Ace)

~ IB diploma Mathematics HL for a student of St. Joseph's Institution (16 hours in 10 ad-hoc sessions from Nov 2017 to Aug 2018) (From about 30% not long before Nov 2017 to Band 5, third highest possible band, after Band 7 and Band 6, at IB exam)

~ IB diploma Mathematics SL for a student of Tanglin Trust School (32 hours from Mar 2019 to IB diploma exam in May 2019) (From failing not long before May 2019 to Band 5, third highest possible band, after Band 7 and Band 6, at IB exam)

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Neo Soon Hua


  • 509 Bedok North Street 3

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