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    ($235.00 every subsequent 4 lessons)

About this tuition group

  • Level: Junior College
  • Subject: Chemistry
  • Max Class Size: 7

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Sunday 04:00 PM - 06:20 PM


  • 42 Holland Drive
    Singapore 270042

  • ex-school teacher
  • Aircon

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More Information About This Class

*Online group lessons available 75/hr for a group of 2*
*You may contact 89222363 on whatsapp to enquire*
*Other group sizes available* :-)

*Due to the current coronavirus situation, the physical classes will not open for sign up until further notice*

- Clear, Succinct, Conceptual-oriented and Exam-oriented teaching by an Ex-MOE Chemistry Teacher
- Lessons paced according to progress of class
- Able to quickly expose students to a multitude of question types and application-inquiry based questions
- Breaks down mark allocation and trains students to score in a time-efficient manner for exams
- Printed materials provided include notes, tutorials, summaries, topical practice papers, revision questions, other school prelim papers, 'planning' practical notes

- Class fitted with air-conditioner, revolving fan, projector.
- Flexibility in lesson frequency can be discussed to fit school calendar

- Group class of 2-7 (no insertion of new students after class commences)
- 2 hours and 20 minutes per lesson inclusive of practice

- Fees per student for 4 lessons (9 hrs 20 mins) are as following for Groups of
2 students - 600 (64/hr)
3 students - 470 (50/hr)
4 students - 400 (43/hr)
5 students - 320 (34/hr)
6 students - 270 (29/hr)
7 students - 235 (25/hr)

- 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 home tuition rates available (contact me using telegram)

- arrangements for timings and slots can be done via telegram chat
- Chat ID sszzsszz

- current time slots available 2 hr and 20 mins lessons (please check with me to confirm availability)
Mondays - 1900-2120
Wednesdays/Thursdays- 1600 to 1820 or 1830 to 2050
Fridays - 1530-1750
Saturdays - 1100-1320

Tutor's Experience

*Due to the current coronavirus situation, the classes will not open for sign up until further notice*

- Chemistry trained in University and in NIE
- 9 years of experience in tutoring H2 Chemistry (also in Chemistry for IB HL, UK/International GCE "A", IP Programme, NUS High Diploma)
- scored A for H2 Chemistry

- former students improved by at least two grades within 3 months
- knows the A-Levels Examination question types and trends well
- tutor is informed about the teaching style of different institutions and able to cater to the pace of different JCs /private/international schools

- very patient and approachable tutor who is passionate in teaching
- renders help to students on tele/whatsapp after lesson time to help students during their revision

- Students in recent two years are from
RI, ACJC, ACS(I), VJC, SAJC, ASRJC, YIJC, JPJC, CJC, MGS, SJI International, SOTA, MDIS, NUS High School, Stamford American International, Tanglin Trust School, BPGHS, Maris Stella, Chung Cheng

(Contact tutor directly for other slots)

About the tutor

Mr. Ng


  • 42 Holland Drive

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