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About this tuition group

  • Level: Junior College
  • Subject: Maths (H2), Maths (H1)
  • Max Class Size: 4

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Friday 07:30 PM - 09:30 PM


  • 9 Guok Avenue
    Singapore 119639

Lessons will be conducted online until 1 Jun
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More Information About This Class

This is a small group tuition class catered to students who need more attention and a specialised tutor. The classes are conducted lesson style and materials for each class will be provided to students to do. The practices will included tailored questions that are compiled from the commonly tested questions and also critical thinking question that can help students face their exams confidently.

Additional classes can be provided closer to the students' exam dates and timing are flexible. Feel free to contact me to arrange timings for classes if the listed timing is not convenient for you.

Tutor's Experience

My name is Mandy Ng and I have taught tuition for 3 years and I am currently looking for one more student as I have a slot free. I specialise in JC tuition and am very familiar with the syllabus and topics tested during exams.

My students have a 95% A rate and many of them come to me with a U or a S grade in H2/H1 Math. My teaching method is with a firm understanding of concept to establish a good mathematical background before drilling with consistent work. This method has been proved to produce good students and who even apply them to other subjects as well.

Some materials will be provided and my timings are flexible. More lessons can be provided closer to exam dates. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me at 98310026 or [email protected] for my resume and CV.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

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About the tutor

Mandy Ng Zi Jun


  • 9 Guok Avenue

Testimonials for Mandy Ng Zi Jun

by Guest 6 months ago

Mandy's lessons are generally at a suitable pace for me and I find it more easier to understand the chapters when she explained it in a more comprehensive way! She also don’t give too much homework and it is easy for me to get help from her, especially when there are questions from school work which I’m not sure of!

Ex -Student
by Guest 6 months ago

Mandy has been a great help in my H2 Math studies. I was struggling with H2 Math and was getting consistent Us in Year 1. When i approached her the start of my Year 2 in 2019, her clear teaching and constant practices helped me improve greatly to an A in my A levels. Additionally she is also contactable 24/7 so I can get help easily for my work.

by Guest 6 months ago

Tutor is effective and thorough when teaching! She helped me improve from a U last year to an A currently. I would definitely recommend. She provides comprehensive notes for me which is a major shortcut when I study. I have recommended a few of my friends and now we all tutor under her as a group :)