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About this tuition group

  • Level: secondary 1 to secondary 2
  • Subject: English
  • Max Class Size: 3

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Saturday 02:30 PM - 04:00 PM


  • 353B Admiralty Drive
    Singapore 752353

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More Information About This Class

Teaching materials will prepare students for all components of school exam. Will also include past year papers to be used as mock exam for the students to be prepared for any school examinations.
Time and Day listed below is not fixed. Class can be arranged according to our schedules

Tutor's Experience

Previously, I have tutored a Secondary 1 Chinese speaking student For 2 years. Her streaming results were great and we did not continue with tuition because she could manage on her own. She scored As for her prelim and streaming exams.
Last year, I taught a group tuition consisting of 2 students. I tutored them for a year and they have made tremendous improvements. Despite scoring C6 and B4 for their Sec3 final exams, they managed to achieve B3 and A2 for their Olevels respectively. I am really proud of them as they have made such great improvements within a year.

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About the tutor

Tan Lyn Cai


  • 353B Admiralty Drive

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