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  • Level: Junior College
  • Subject: Economics
  • Max Class Size: 5

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  • Sunday 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM


  • 587 Bukit Timah Road 03-18 Singapore 269707
    Singapore 269707

Lessons will be conducted online until 1 Jun
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More Information About This Class

The class covers the H2 syllabus, Ten Year Series Questions and 50 Topics on the Singapore Economy.

Visit my website at : https://econs.coach for more details.

Experience real-world economics...
Econs.Coach provides insights on how A level economics can be learned without pain. Economics, if learned by rote, is difficult because theoretical economics looks different from anything a JC student has done in the 9 years before. The theories don’t look like math and science; and the diagrams illustrating these all look the same. How does one learn all that and do well in the exam?

The answer is to relate A level economics to the real world. If you keep reading textbooks, you will not find it relevant to everyday life. Textbooks written in other countries don’t relate to Singapore’s economy. They are distant, almost irrelevant. If it is not real, does not feel or read real, you cannot, in your turn, write well.

If you face this problem, you won’t be motivated to get good grades.

Econs.Coach provides the JC student with local real-world knowledge. That’s the way it should be. Economics can become close to you in the world you live in. It deals with things happening around you. You just have to learn how to interpret them with the theory you have learned. Be involved. Become part of the story. And be amazed when you are immersed in the real world of current affairs and economic events. At Econs.Coach, you will be transported to a world with eye-opening vistas of practical economics…

At Econs.Coach, there are huge learning resources to help you develop your own content and exam technique. There will be more real world knowledge in your hands than most lecture notes from school or guide books. My books and notes are original, based on 40 years of working in the global and Singapore financial sectors, and they connect theory with practice. Exactly what your exams require of you!

We pay attention to how well you write English, because this is an important skill for A level, including in both Econs and GP, as well as throughout university and in your future career. I am a trained journalist, and have been a professional editor. Think of Econs.Coach as a free GP class as well.

My basic objective of coaching is to focus on the exam result and get you an A. My tutorials/e-Books supplement school lessons to provide the proper understanding of events in Singapore and the world to help you develop the analytical approach required in your exam.

I am a highly rated instructor with 30 years of teaching experience; top Economics student in NUS who won the 1976 Toh Chin Chye Prize (top student in entire university), graduating with First Class Honours; MBA with Honours from University of Chicago (top graduate school in Econs) and Chartered Financial Analyst.

If you want to learn basketball, you would go to an NBA superstar like Michael Jordan. If you want to learn economics, you would want a coach like me...I am one of a handful of experts in Singapore to write economics books for JC students. I can help you to slam-dunk an A!

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Highly rated Instructor with 30 years of teaching experience; top Econs student in NUS who won the 1976 Prize for being top student in entire NUS, First Class Honours; MBA (U of Chicago) and Chartered Financial Analyst. One of a few experts to write econs books for JC students.

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