Starts on 16-Mar-2021
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Ng Bee San

GEP, Harvard grad
Track record:
O level A Math: E8 to A2 within 8 months
O level: student hated math, after 4 lessons, he improved in math and eventually elected to study F Math at A level
A Level H2 Math: F to A, student represented her JC in Math Olympaid
PSLE 2020: 74 at P5 SA2 to A* at PSLE
PSLE 2020: D to B at PSLE after attending 4 hours of problem solving bootcamp just one week before PSLE

Ms Ng has been passionate about Math since young. A GEP alumni, Bee San represented RGS/RJC in numerous math competitions (including the Asian Pacific Mathematical Olympiad (APMO), the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) and the Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad (SIMO)), winning individual and team awards. She was also shortlisted to the training team to represent Singapore at the International Math Olympiad (IMO).

Ms Ng graduated from Harvard University with a Masters in Applied Mathematics. Before that, she completed an accelerated Mathematics degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with second upper class honours. In her time at NUS, she was placed on the Dean’s List every year and placed on the Vice Chancellor’s List in her final year.

Beyond her own passion in Math, her gift is in teaching. From coaching her fellow GEP classmates to the current batches of students (more than 7 years private tutoring experience), the focus is on simplifying the concepts so that it is easy for students to understand. Past students have shown significant improvement within a few months and expressed that Math has become their favourite subject!

About this Online Class

Online Class: PSLE Math
I am experienced in conducting small group online classes. I have several P5, P6, Math Olympiad and Sec 3 students currently.

The concepts of each topic are covered in detail, highlighting the key ideas and common misconceptions . The students then practise on past year top school questions.

The PSLE class also has a focus on problem solving techniques, which are the main areas of concern for students and parents. I will cover the main techniques and also how to identify the right technique to use for each type of question.

Materials for the class are provided in advanced, so that parents can print it out and students can write notes in their hard copy as they follow the lesson. Assignments are given, which can be scanned back to me for marking. Homework help available throughout the week via Whatsapp, no need to wait till next lesson.
Class Schedule
1 time per week
Every Tuesday 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Upcoming Class
09-03-2021 (Tuesday)
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Step 1 - Before Class
  1. Tutor will send you materials a few days before lessons
  2. You will need to read or work on the problems before hand
  3. Log into e-learning environment to ensure that everything is working
Step 2 - During Class
  1. Learn from the tutor
  2. Ask questions to clear your doubts
  3. Answer questions posed by the tutors and show off your solutions
Step 3 - After Class
  1. Watch and playback videos
  2. Work on any homework given