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Lower Science

Angelia Lu

Everyday Tuition: where your child deserves the best!
"Thanks for pulling me up from an F to a B, and for teaching me such special MOE techniques to tackle English!" (Jolene, Juying Secondary)

Whatsapp 85008938 or simply logon to view VIDEO Testimonies of our EMS (English Math Science) students who do not lie! We start $99 (promo)/month for lowest Primary level and tuition up to Olevel!

"Yay, I got an A for PSLE English 2020! Thanks Dr Lu for teaching me such special MOE techniques for scoring, both on zoom online and physical tuition" (Kayden, Carousell User, St Andrew Primary School)

"Thanks for pulling me up from an F to a B, and for teaching me such special MOE techniques to tackle English!" (Jolene, Juying Secondary)

“Mr. Lee and Mrs Lee, Thank you for pulling me my Math and Science up with an “A” with your SECRET Strategy for Science at Primary School! I truly appreciate it!” – Gary Chan, Woodlands Secondary School.

“Dr Lu, having come from MOE you are able to teach me so many techniques and tips to score well in their EMS (English Math Science) exams. Now they are truly scoring in their work. I really appreciate your helping my daughter who is in Sec 2 and my son who is in Primary 5”. Lydia Mei Sian, Parent.

I will show my PhD and NIE/MOE certification at the beginning of the zoom preview. Be wary of tutors who do not show their certification!

Please also LIKE us on FB Guys, my students, ranging Primary to O and A level to Adult Learners are REAL people willing to speak to you!

Hundreds of students who have scored A under Dr Lu, a patient, qualified ex MOE Teacher who has live present students willing to speak up and testify for her!

Disclaimer: As results are not guaranteed by one single preview or just a few lessons, but you should be able to speak LIVE with my successful A and B students upon request. It also depends on whether you have sent your child early enough for tuition.

About this Online Class

Online Class: Lower Science
Here's Why You Should Join Us:

-We mark your work within a week and return them to you,

-We explain the common mistakes and also giving you the specific feedback that you need for your exam preparation. The tutors, mostly either coming from a MOE background or having a specialised PhD or all rounder "A" grades.

-We follow the MOE syllabus closely.

-We charge very reasonably.

- We care about you and your work.
Class Schedule
1 time per week
Every Saturday 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Upcoming Class
25-09-2021 (Saturday)
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Step 1 - Before Class
  1. Tutor will send you materials a few days before lessons
  2. You will need to read or work on the problems before hand
  3. Log into e-learning environment to ensure that everything is working
Step 2 - During Class
  1. Learn from the tutor
  2. Ask questions to clear your doubts
  3. Answer questions posed by the tutors and show off your solutions
Step 3 - After Class
  1. Watch and playback videos
  2. Work on any homework given