Starts on 15-Dec-2021
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A-Level Economics H2 Booster Programme 2021

Don Chng Ying Hao

Full-times Economics Tutor
I have been tutoring ever since 2016, specialising in Economics for A-Level, IGCSE and IB students. I offer both 1-on-1 tuition (currently 7 students) as well as group tuition (class size of 6). The tuition centre which I teach in, Sophia Education, has been featured in the Straits Times before. On average, my student will have improved by at least one grade from 6 months of tutoring. About 60% of my students manage to score distinctions for the final papers. My specialty as a full-time tutor lies in imparting students with the necessary analysis skills needed for an Economics exam, as well as my ability to connect with my students. I believe it is essential for tutors to not only be familiar with the syllabus, but also hone on their teaching pedagogies to create an effective learning experience for students.

About this Online Class

Online Class: A-Level Economics H2 Booster Programme 2021
Hello, My name is Don! Welcome to my Economics H2 Booster Programme! This programme is specially designed for students who feel they generally struggle with applying Economic concepts toward examination questions. As a tutor who has been doing this since 2016, I realise the main problems with new economics students consist of:

- Incomplete understanding of basic concepts
- Application of economic concepts
- Evaluation Questions

Most students generally are able to grasp the basic concepts of economics but usually struggle with application and evaluation. Thus, my booster course is aimed at addressing the most common issue that students face. If you personally feel you could do with improved analysis and evaluation skills for your examinations, then this is the right place to come to !

How my online classes may differ from others is that I would devote individual time to each student, apart from conducting mass lectures. I also curate my own notes, which consists of frameworks that I have developed for students to tackle any kind of A-level Economics Question. I believe it is essential for students to have a systematic way of applying critical thinking skills, in order to achieve more consistency with their exam results.

Feel free to drop me a message and I would be really happy to respond to any queries you might have!
Class Schedule
1 time per week
Every Wednesday 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM
Upcoming Class
15-12-2021 (Wednesday)
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
Step 1 - Before Class
  1. Tutor will send you materials a few days before lessons
  2. You will need to read or work on the problems before hand
  3. Log into e-learning environment to ensure that everything is working
Step 2 - During Class
  1. Learn from the tutor
  2. Ask questions to clear your doubts
  3. Answer questions posed by the tutors and show off your solutions
Step 3 - After Class
  1. Watch and playback videos
  2. Work on any homework given