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  • Level: Junior College
  • Subject: Economics
  • Max Class Size: 10

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  • Saturday 03:30 PM - 05:30 PM


  • 11 Jalan Ubi
    Singapore 409074

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More Information About This Class

The class will cover the H2 economics syllabus comprehensively. I have complied model answers for over 100+ essays and case studies as well as a case study and essay skills package to help your child ace the exams and get ahead of their peers. Lessons will cover not only content but essential skills required for the economics paper.

Tutor's Experience

I have 3 years experience teaching the subject with more than 30 students who have moved on to their tertiary studies. My students have attained 75% A rate, with a 95% A/B rate for H2 economics exam.

I will focus my lessons on exam skills and application which most students struggle in with economics.

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About the tutor

Teo Jun Wei


  • 11 Jalan Ubi

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