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Lower Primary English Tuition in Singapore

The English language is arguably the most important language in Singapore and if your child fails English, he/she fails everything. Therefore, it is imperative to build a strong foundation and start strengthening your child's command of the language at a young age.

The easiest way to do this is with English tuition, and this is especially so if English is not routinely spoken at the home. Tuition at Primary 1 to 3 reinforces what is learnt in school, which usually does not provide enough guidance with the nuances and intricacies of this subject.

Primary English Group Tuition

It is often better to attend English tuition conducted as a group as "tutees" are able to interact among themeselves. Furthermore, in a small group, the tutor is able to attend fully to every student. This is especially important for students who are struggling with the subject and could benefit from more personalized attention.

Primary 1 to Primary 3 English Tuition in Singapore

In "Kiasu" Singapore, having a home tutor to coach students to academic greatness is almost a necessity. At this level, tutors should concentrate on teaching reading, spelling and comprehension skills. Sudents should also be able to write creatively and with proper grammer at all times.

All parents must prepare early for Subject-based banding in Pri 4 so you really do need to start now.

ManyTutors is the right place to source for primary English tutors. The english tuition groups listed above are ideal for those who are just starting to learn or who have already started and want to improve. You will find a huge selection of primary school English tutors conduction tuition groups here.

Select your child's tutor from law undergrads, philosophy graduates to even ex-school teachers on our platform. Sign up today!

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