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If you are amazing at primary, secondary school or junior college level homework, enjoy teaching difficult concepts to students and would like to be a tutor in Singapore, we have lots of tuition assignments for you.

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Anyone who stays in Singapore and is familiar with the syllabus is able to join us as a private home tutor.

Hundreds of tuition assignments are offered weekly, offering tutors the best chances of getting students.

This is entirely up to you. Common choices include all PSLE subjects, O / A Level subjects, reading, phonics for pre-primary, english speaking for adults and even musical instruments.

Some tutors even teach diploma or university level subjects too.

We have placed up a table on the prevaling tutoring rates at the right hand side of this page for your reference. However, the rates depends on you as you decide on your rates.

The rates typically depend on your experience, qualifications and subjects you are teaching. More tutoring experience and higher qualifications typically commands a higher pay.

List your profile on ManyTutors to get tuition jobs. You will be contacted when there are suitable assignments and you can then choose to accept or reject the assignment. (ManyTutors is a tuition jobs portal and agents from other tuition companies will contact you too. This ensures that you will be able to find jobs in the fastest possible time.)

Alternatively, you can visit our Tuition Jobs forum, our Facebook or Twitter page to get notified of new assignemts. However, not all tuition assignments are posted online, so make sure you register here to increase your chances of landing a tuition job.

If your profile is public, you should also answer homework questions on Ask ManyTutors. Your solutions are public and parents and coordinators will contact you more often when you provide solutions.

There is no minimum qualifications. Currently, the education levels of our tutors range from O Levels to PHDs. However, the higher the qualifications, the higher the pay the tutor will be able to command.

Lots of undergrads teach tuition in Singapore. For example, we have more than 5,000 tutors from the National University of Singapore (NUS) alone.

Joining ManyTutors as a tutor is totally free; you only need to pay when you accept a specific assignment. The commissions for different assignments may differ, but typically, coordinators charge you 50% of the first month's pay. Remember to verify with the coordinator before accepting any job.

The above only applies to the first month. Subsequently, the student pays you directly on a month to month basis.

*Getting students through Class Listings is totally free because you have to liase with the students yourself. There are no commission charges for this.

It depends on who employs you and usually it is the parent. You should always check with the company that contacts you on payment details, as different companies have different policies. Again, ManyTutors is a tuition jobs listing site and we are not in charge of your fees.

After you have signed up as a tutor at ManyTutors, you will have the option to list your class at your home address. This will allow your neighbours to search for you.

You can use our tuition agency service. We are the largest tuition agency in Singapore with 45,000 private tutors.

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Lower PriUpper PriLower Sec
$15 - $30$18 - $35$20 - $40
Upper SecJCPoly
$25 - $40$30 - $50$70 - $100
*Estimated per hour rates for part-time tutors.
Lower PriUpper PriLower Sec
$15 - $40$20 - $45$20 - $50
Upper SecJCPre Pri
$25 - $60$30 - $80$15 - $40
*Estimated per hour rates for full-time tutors.
Lower PriUpper PriLower Sec
$40 - $70$40 - $80$45 - $100
Upper SecJCPoly
$50 - $100$60 - $120$60 - $120
*Estimated per hour rates for current and ex-school teachers.