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About this tuition group

  • Level: primary 1 to primary 3
  • Subject: English, Maths, Science
  • Max Class Size: 4

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Tuesday 02:45 PM - 04:45 PM


  • 17 Simon Road
    Singapore 545902

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More Information About This Class

We are not here to tell you that and market how good we are. We are here simply because we want to understand your kids and bring them to their next level.

​We understand that each child has their own learning pace. Hence, the lesson journey will be designed to tailor to the needs of each individual child. So please be assured that your child will not be left behind.

​Examinations are important. But beyond the marks on the papers, we would like to equip the child with the necessary skills for them to survive and to nurture their love for learning. We want the children to enjoy learning. When they enjoy learning, the results will naturally come.

And most importantly, don’t judge children because they are born to be awesome, not to be perfect. Give them time and they will show you what they’ve got without you knowing.

Tutor's Experience

Arvelia has years of experience in teaching since 2011 and is currently running her own education hub with countless students under her care ranging from Primary to Secondary schools for both local and international schools IGCSE IB. She specializes in English Maths and Science for MOE IGCSE and IB syllabuses.

Besides receiving MOE and ASEAN Scholarship Awards, in MGS, she was in Sophia Blackmore gifted class (GEP). She was studying at NUS Food Science and Technology which only exclusively admitted around 40 students every year. Arvelia has always loved children and she has a special interest in education. From her experience, she understands that every child has their own learning pace. She develops various learning techniques to help students with different learning styles to do well. Different materials and learning activities will be planned for the children to increase their engagement towards learning and improve their understanding of the subjects. Most of her students enjoy her sessions because she makes learning simple and fun. Most importantly, she will never give up on the kids because she believes that every child has their own potential and what we need to do is to unleash it and make them shine.

Arvelia has attended different courses in order to equip herself with more skills to help the children including courses related to special needs children, autism, ADHD, and so on. Most of Arvelia's students become top students, the Highest Scorers in the cohort, and Top Scorers, who get into their chosen school, GEP, and DSA in their batch due to our consistency in preparation and effort. Until today, at least 90 of her students have achieved AL3 and above. Most importantly they enjoy learning more than ever.

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About the tutor

Arvelia Ong


  • 17 Simon Road

Testimonials for Arvelia Ong

by Guest 3 years ago

My gal math n sci was very bad since she got into P5. It was almost fail. So my friend told me that their kids are coming to the centre. At first, I was not very keen cuz I was afraid my gal cannot catch up. That time, during the holiday, they had some holiday classes so I ask my gal to give it a try. And she likes it a lot. She asks to join the class. So I told her to try for 1 month.

Teacher JY and Teacher Arvelia are so patient and help her a lot that she starts to show improvement and more confident. i dun need to force her to study alr. I'm very happy with it. Very recommended

Kai, Student
by Guest 3 years ago

Ever since I came to this one2tuition, I was scared and was afraid that I would continue become a failure as I always went through this along some tuition but little did I know that after attending teacher Arvelia science tuition,I have improve but not just improving little but a lot I really want to thank her for making me believe I can pass! Thank you teacher

Elisabeth, Student
by Guest 3 years ago

I was struggling in class and cannot understand a lot of things in class. But teachers in one2tuition are very patient and helpful. Thank you very much for helping me and make studying fun. I improve a lot because of you guys. Miss all of you. Will visit you again when im back in SG.

Siti Aisyah, Parents
by Guest 3 years ago

One2tuition has a very unique structure which I initially felt uncomfortable. Their semi-private class which consisted of all levels. Mostly there are 2 teachers. I give it a try because my elder child is having lesson at Kovan and I do not want my younger child to do nothing while waiting.

The teachers ensure the older students set a good example and be a role model for the younger one. They encourage one another as well and my child is very motivated to attend tuition every week. I always believe all tuition centre is good, finding the one that fits your child most is very important. Finally found the right one,

Zhiheng Teh, Parents
by Guest 3 years ago

The holiday boot camps have been helping my children to do better in school. It is affordable and worth the money as I found my kids become more motivated and independent in their study. They join almost every holiday. Before the camp, they kept asking me for every single question. Now, they have been practising on their own and they are enjoying it a lot. You should consider their programmes if you are looking for any holiday class. Highly recommended.

Tania Chen, Parents
by Guest 3 years ago

Last time, K was always very scared whenever exam is coming. He failed before so he was a bit traumatized with exam. After he comes to one2tuition, I see a lot of change in him. He becomes more confident. He also will revise his things more independently now and he always ask teachers and teachers in one2tuition will patiently help him. If your kids are having difficulty, i recommend u one2tuition.

Tutor for My Children
by Guest 5 years ago

Teacher Arvelia has been teaching my kids for years. The kids are excited and always looking forward to her lessons. She makes learning fun and simple. Highly recommend Teacher Arvelia to help your children because she is so patient and passionate in teaching.

Tutor for My Children
by Guest 5 years ago

Teacher Arvelia has been teaching my kids for years. The kids are excited and always looking forward to her lessons. She makes learning fun and simple. Highly recommend Teacher Arvelia to help your children because she is so patient and passionate in teaching.

Maths tutor for my daughter
by Guest 6 years ago

Arvelia has been tutoring my 11 year old girl since November 2016. My girl likes her teaching method a lot . I like arvelia because she is able to engage my girl especially for some of the more difficult topics and questions . Arvelia also gives a lot of encouragement to my girl . I highly recommend arvelia as a maths tutor .