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  • Level: primary 3,4,5,6
  • Subject: English
  • Max Class Size: 6

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  • Friday 05:30 PM - 07:30 PM


  • 304 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4
    Singapore 680304

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Primary English Tuition

Mr Adrian Tan

National University of Singapore - Bachelor of Arts (English Linguistics)
University of Cambridge - Certificate in Teaching English Language to non-native English Speakers (CELTA)
More than 20 years experience


In this English Language examination, candidates will be assessed on their ability to:

In Paper 1 (Writing)

AO1 write to suit purpose, audience and context in a way that is clear
and effective
AO2 use appropriate register and tone in a variety of texts
AO3 generate and select relevant ideas, organising and expressing them
in a coherent and cohesive manner
AO4 use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
AO5 use a variety of vocabulary appropriately, with clarity and precision

In Paper 2 (Language Use and Comprehension)

AO1 demonstrate comprehension of a range of texts at the literal and
inferential levels
AO2 show understanding of implied meaning, and make judgement and
evaluation, by reading and/or viewing closely and critically
AO3 show understanding of how contextual use of lexical and
grammatical items shapes meaning
AO4 demonstrate the correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation,
and the appropriate use of vocabulary in given contexts

In Paper 3 (Listening Comprehension)

AO1 demonstrate understanding of the content of a variety of spoken
texts at the literal and inferential levels
AO2 identify key messages, main ideas and details in a variety of spoken
AO3 infer and draw conclusions by listening critically

In Paper 4 (Oral Communication)

AO1 read with good pronunciation, clear articulation and appropriate
intonation in order to convey the information, ideas and feelings in
a passage
AO2 produce a well-paced, fluent reading of a passage
AO3 express their personal opinions, ideas and experiences clearly and
effectively in conversing with the examiner
AO4 speak fluently and with grammatical accuracy, using a range of
appropriate vocabulary and structures

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