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  • Level: secondary 3 to secondary 5
  • Subject: English, Additional Maths, Elementary Math
  • Max Class Size: 4

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  • Sunday 08:00 PM - 09:30 PM


  • Blk 680 Woodlands Ave 6 #07-756
    Singapore 730680

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More Information About This Class

This tuition will help students prepare for school exams and O Levels.

To ensure that students perform better than their peers, I would be teaching them ahead of school syllabus and would help give them customised notes. These notes are written by me and are so simple that students can revise all their knowledge from sec 3 and 4 in a few hours.

Students are expected to complete homework regularly and to be attentive in classes. Teaching is at a fast pace but everything is simplified for students to understand.

Tutor's Experience

2 years of tutoring experience with 3 students<br /> First student is a male student who is currently a Sec 3 Student taking Elementary Math. From sec 1 to sec 2, all his exam results has always been borderline pass or failed by 1 or 2 marks. However when he reached sec 3, his results became A2 and he did slightly better than his classmates. This is because I realised that he is unable to understand his teacher in school. I helped him to understand math better by writing simplified (as little words as possible) notes to aid his revision and strengthen concepts.<br /> <br /> The 2nd student dropped Additional Mathematics after struggling with Amaths for a few months. He was from N Level course and has extremely weak math foundation. I tried very hard to help him simplify his learning by giving summarised notes and basic concept homework. However it proved to be still too difficult for him and he decided to drop Amath hence quitting tuition after 3mths.<br /> <br /> The last student is a female student from Methodist Girls' School sec 4 IP program. She was struggling to keep up with math in school as the teacher teaches very quickly. There was also a ton of homework and she didn't had time to revise and ask questions in school. I realised that she was a fast learner and decided to help her go through all her past mistakes and questions, and at the same time teach her future topics which the teacher have not taught yet. This helped her a lot because she can then enter class with prior understanding of topics.

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About the tutor

Neo Jing En


  • Blk 680 Woodlands Ave 6 #07-756

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