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About this tuition group

  • Level: secondary 3 to secondary 5
  • Subject: Principles of Accounts
  • Max Class Size: 3

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Saturday 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM


  • 145 Pasir Ris Grove
    Singapore 518137

  • ex-school teacher
  • Aircon

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More Information About This Class

From my class, you will be prepared to answer and attempt questions according to the GCE N' and O' Level standards. You will be provided with preliminary examination papers from various schools in Singapore for constant rigourous practice. As your tutor, I will assess your strengths and weaknesses, conduct error analysis on your existing papers and aid you in improving your proficiency in the subject. My step-by-step and methodical approach in POA will aid you in learning the concepts much faster.

Tutor's Experience

Proven track record in Principles of Accounts. Awarded for outstanding contribution in 2011 -2013 for the achievement in the 2011 - 2013’s Singapore-Cambridge GCE O’ Level Principles of Accounts examinations. Achieved distinction and passing rates above the national average in the 2011 - 2014’s Singapore-Cambridge GCE O’ Level Principles of Accounts examinations.

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About the tutor

Jenna Koh


  • 145 Pasir Ris Grove

Testimonials for Jenna Koh

by 11 months ago

Ms Jenna was an outstanding and caring tutor. Her flair and knowledge for Principles of Accounts had greatly benefited my understanding of the subject. She was also a patient, passionate and professional tutor. Ms Jenna would not mind repeating concepts over and over as long as her students understood it. On top of that, she would use real-life example (her experiences she gained in the industry) to explain certain concept to further enhance our learning. Her comprehensive notes had assisted me to grasp the concept of POA, which was another factor for me to acquire an A in the O levels. I would highly recommend her!

by 11 months ago

Ms Jenna’s patience and sincerity were the two things that got me to love and eventually helped me do well in the subject. Her passion in teaching and knowledge in the subject has got me to understand the subject better. She is relatable and the go-to teacher when you need help. 10/10 would highly recommend!

by 11 months ago

The virtues of a good teacher are patience, creative and generosity. As I am a very blur person, Ms Jenna would patiently explained the concepts that I could not comprehend. I always love her teaching style. Her creativity of using scenarios as an example helps me to visualize what she was trying to say and thus this had help me a lot in my understanding of POA. Ms Jenna also devotes her time for her students and she is very generous in sharing her past experiences to me, which this shape me into a better person I am today.