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Reviews for Mile Bug Excel In Learning Education Centre

by Guest 2 years ago

Teacher is very strict and impatient.Expects us students to come up with an answer without any thinking time.Teacher will give lines and detention if unable to meet up to expectations or as punishment.If we do not complete homework,we are kicked out of the class to finish it before paying extra to catch up on what me missed.When we do not know how to do a question in the homework ,he expects us to ask him before we leave when we havent done it yet.And when we come back the next lesson to ask him he says we were just all rushing to go home.Some students were late by 2 or 3 minutes and ended up with 2 or 3 hours of detention.This place has very high expectations and teaches at a very fast pace.It will improve your c hild's marks but it will definitely put your child under a lot of stress especially when he is about to go for each lesson as he may not know if the teacher may decide to give lines or not.And the lines he gives comes in the thousands for each person each time.I don't really recommend this Tution centre.

by Guest 1 year ago

Teacher is very strict. I sent my child to this tuition to improve her Mathematics. Although her Mathematics did improve, all her under subjects has worsened quite a lot. When she was still in the tuition, she had no time to revise or work on her under subjects despite me confiscating all her mobile equipment because she constantly had to write 1000+ lines of Mathematics formula for forgetting one formula. For every minute my child is late for tuition, she is punished for 1 hour of detention. However, the teacher can be as late as he wishes to be. The teacher would sent students out if they did not do or don't know how to do even ONE question out of a hundred and would not answer any questions if the students were to ask after the lesson or message him directly. Students are then to pay for a one to one lesson which costs $80 per hour for an extra lesson. Also, you are required to pay an advanced amount of money of about $600 are required for one to one tuition to make sure that your child does not quit or skip any tuition as money would still be deducted ($80 per hour) if your child did not tell the teacher 2 days in advanced that he/she is not attending and detention of months would be given. Unreasonable demands such as 100 000 lines of formulas in 5 days are also given. The teacher would also call parents to come down even at 10 pm to pay the money if he does not receive the money on the day and no exceptions are accepted. Detentions are from the time your child ends school to the time the tuition closes which is usually about 11 pm on both weekdays and weekends. The teacher is also not fully concentrated on teaching the students and keeps going out of the room for family issues or to bathe.

Overall, the teacher is very strict and going at a very fast pace and students who cannot catch up with him would be punished with lines and detention. Tuition is very costly and I would not recommend any parents to send their children to this tuition as although they would improve in Mathematics, they would have no time to study for other subjects at all and would be put under a great amount of stress till they are at the point of breaking.

Ex Student
by Guest 2 months ago

I strongly agree with the previous reviews that the tutor was very strict with us especially at very start.
Having been with the centre from Primary 6 till I graduated in Sec 4, my fellow graduating students can testify that as the years progress, the tutor became more and more relaxed with us, to the point that we had to ask him why he was so strict at the start.

Looking back, I now understand what he said then: that as we matured and became more self-disciplined, there was no need to be strict with us, plus the students who were not prepared to do homework had all already quitted along the way. Some of my graduating classmates had never been punished by him at all during the 4 years.
on the other hand, most of those who he has to be strict with always the ones who gave trouble in class. They were usually the ones who always didn't finish their work and made various excuses. Even worse, were when their parents came in during the lessons to argue with the tutor in front of us, wasting the class time, defending their child, when they didn't know the lies their child were spreading. They were the ones who were made to pay for extra hours of tuition. But for many of us who didn't create trouble for him and needed extra help, we were given free extra hours closer to the O levels.

I am very thankful for the way I was taught. After scoring almost full marks for Maths, from just passing, I applied the same effort to my other subjects from Sec 2 onwards and my results improve a lot.

As to whether I would recommend this centre to others? Well, if you aiming to score and are prepared to work hard, this is the definitely place for you. Some of my classmates were scoring only 20s to 30s when they joined but improved to 80+ consistently, with hard work under his guidance. However, if you are not prepared to spend time doing homework, then maybe you can try looking for a tutor who can help you to improve, without homework.