Starts on 27-Jul-2024
every 4 lessons
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Singapore Maths - For Students Outside Singapore

Fred Wang

Tutor from Simon Eio Learning Lab
Singapore Mathematics Tutor with 7 years of tutoring experience.

I specialise in Singapore Primary Maths Syllabus. Experienced and dedicated and will help your child get better grades.

“Effective online teaching style
Highly committed teacher
Friendly yet firm towards students
Frequent mini-tests keep students interested”

About this Online Class

Online Class: Singapore Maths - For Students Outside Singapore
I will be following the Singapore Primary 3 Maths syllabus during my class. It will be fun and exciting. This is the Maths lessons 9 years old kids in Singapore attend.

Students outside Singapore have the chance to learn faster than your classmates and also be exposed to Singapore Maths, from the comfort of your home.

This is usually an ongoing weekly online tuition class, and I welcome students from all around the world.

The topics covered include:
- Numbers and comparing
- Place values
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Multiplication
- Division
- Data and graphs
- Money
- Time
- Units of measurement
- Geometry
- Geometric measurement
- Estimation and rounding
- Logical reasoning
- Fractions
- Probability and statistics

*Overseas students who are interested in Singapore Maths are welcome to join too
Class Schedule
1 time per week
Every Saturday 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Upcoming Class
Primary 3 Singapore Math for Non-Singaporeans
27-07-2024 (Saturday)
09:00 AM - 12:30 PM
I will be going through Primary 3 Singapore Math topics on a weekly basis.

Students / parents that enrol has the option of emailing me before lessons on some difficult questions, and I may go through then if they add value to other students in the class.
Step 1 - Before Class
  1. Tutor will send you materials a few days before lessons
  2. You will need to read or work on the problems before hand
  3. Log into e-learning environment to ensure that everything is working
Step 2 - During Class
  1. Learn from the tutor
  2. Ask questions to clear your doubts
  3. Answer questions posed by the tutors and show off your solutions
Step 3 - After Class
  1. Watch and playback videos
  2. Work on any homework given