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1. Experienced team: PhD Scholar, 3 NIE-trained teachers and 2 full time tutors with more than 30 years experience.

2. Affordable: We keep our business costs low by renting classrooms from

In case group size is small (2-3 students), classes will be held at the tutors home.

3. Our classes are super engaging and we will make sure you improve!

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Reviews for Academic Coaching

by Guest 3 years ago

I started tuition with Dr Kajen during my 2nd year in SAJC. I was moderate in secondary school physics but JC physics was much harder due to the greater breadth and depth of the syllabus. I had difficulty passing throughout my first year. I enrolled in Dr Kajen's tuition around May when I was still failing and the pressure of taking A' levels made it worse. Dr Kajen targeted the key concepts and learning points for the various topics. He is also able to explain the most complex theories in a simple way so as to improve my understanding of the subject. For the subsequent exam my grades took a turn for the better and I got a B grade. After which he focused on closing up any loopholes I had and continued stretching me with higher order questions. Dr Kajen accesses his students' abilities and chooses the best approach for them.


Dr Kajen has been such a motivational and inspiring teaches I know! From hating physics, he had successfully made me realized how important it can be and how it is applicable in our daily lives. Most of all he's been able to Develop an interest in Physics in me. He certainly has done wonders.

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by Guest 3 years ago

I enrolled for tuition under Dr.Kajen when i was at sec 4. I was having much difficulty with chemistry back then. I got a E8 for my sec3 SA2. After joining his tuition my grades for chemistry jumped to a C6 in SA1. During O'level i got an A2 for both my sciences. When i first went for his tuition he made me do tests to understand my weaknesses. Than he focused on my weak points. By O'levels we had already covered the entire syllabus twice. His style of teaching makes a student independent and confident. Dr.Kajen analyses his students and teaches them accordingly.

Sasidharan-St Gabriels

by Guest 3 years ago

Dr.Kajen has indeed spiked my plummeting grades, in Mathematics, from D to A. He have always been there for me at all times and chased out my fear in Mathematics, using his immense knowledge in Mathematics. He thought me, how to study Maths instead of how to just solving questions or doing my homework. Thank you Dr.Kajen.

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