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15 yrs experience in Band 1 MOE schools like BPGHS, RVHS. Track record of helping students achieve high scores. Related experience: debate coach and publications editor at the Singapore Polytechnic. Testimonials available. Alumnus of RGSS, NJC, NUS, NIE and UCL,UK. Tutor's strength lies in her ability to identify each student's weakness and provide focused practice activities. She provides different engaging resources and iPads for students. Visit

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Reviews for Ace English Small Group Tuition

by Guest 6 years ago

Mdm Teoh helped my daughter improve from bottom 30th percentile to top 30% in 1 year. There are many different materials . My daughter gets to write alot of essays and clear feedback is given. Tutor has a lot of experience . Ithe group size is also small

by Guest 6 years ago

Mdm Teoh helped my son improve by three grades to get an A2 for O Level English exam in 2016. She is very hardworking and gives very good advice and feedback for my son. She also has a website with very helpful information and tips on English writing.