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What you are about to embark on will truly change your perception towards education. AcEducation believes that schools and tuition centers should not function like a factory, where students are the products of the mentors' teachings. Education should allow everyone to pick up knowledge that helps them explain things in our daily lives, not just for the sake of paper chase. AcEducation aims to strike a balance between achieving good results and holistic learning.

AcEducation is a tuition centre founded in 2013 by Chief Teaching Officer Jarrod Lim. Fuelled by his passion for teaching and desire to help students fulfil their potential, Jarrod is committed to providing the best possible learning exprience for students. Through experience, he realized that students respond best to what he term "Lively Interactive Lesson". Revolving around this philosophy, Jarrod is a firm believer of making lessons fun, interactive and educational.

The AcEd-branded teaching plan is a new age form of education, specially designed to provide tangible results in a fun and stress-free environment. Let AcEducation be your partner, and let us put an end to mediocre results and monotonous learning, together.

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