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In Advo, we do beyond just coaching students to transform their results in school. We strongly believe that in the process of achieving the ‘A’ in school, our students become not just better individuals, but acquire the characteristics of a Gamechanger, who can be defined as a person who breaks conventions, solves problems to make the world a better place, and most importantly always striving to play to win and change the game even when everyone else believes otherwise.

In Advo, we teach only 1 lesson – Dreams, Success and Gratitude. This has always been the fundamentals of what we do. We deliver the same lesson, just through different contexts. For example, we want secondary school kids to learn dreams, success and gratitude using the vehicles of Math and Science. You see, this is what we do differently. We are possibly crazy people who love to challenge the norms.

So to do what we are doing, much more than a tuition centre, we need 2 things: A Coach who is committed to his dreams, A approach called Academic Coaching (Fusing life-skills into academics), and A powerful technology called OPCM that allows students to achieve results.
We only take in people who not only have passion in coaching, but must be committed to their dreams. We are possibly the only company in the world that does a Dream Interview to choose educators to work with us by looking at how passionate and committed they are towards their dreams. Because we know one thing: Our children will only have dreams if their parents and teachers have dreams. That’s the thing that is missing in the education system today. Of course such confidence to transform is also backed with our unique technology to organize information called the OPCM – One Page Concept Map.


Academic Coaching: Score A* in Your Next Test! Academic Coaching is more than just tuition. It is coaching for PERFORMANCE. It is fusing mindset and skill set into the specific academic subject matter. We want our students to see the jump in their results in the shortest possible time as we know that once a student sees his/her first A*, they will not want anything less. This is what we call sustained motivation.

Power Mock: Speed and Readiness for the Exam. To be in top form during the final examinations is of utmost importance, as it would mean efforts going down the drain if one is not prepared mentally. This is what Power Mock is all about - Speed and Readiness. It is specially designed to let students experience success through modeling real exam conditions!

Power Revision: Intense Focus to Master Strategies for Compressed Success. Power Revision is a proven system to successfully impart the right skills & strategies to the students, allowing them to score in the shortest possible time. This programme is specifically designed to coach students on how to identify and categorize the various

Advolution: Unleashing The Potential In Students. Advolution is not about motivation. It is all about unleashing 'potential'. And everything we do is to provide the experiences and conditions for your child to realise that he/she has the possibility to be better, if not, successful! The journey of Advolution allows your child to not only experience tremendous improvements in academic results, but also experience mindset shifts and new energy levels through our “Advolution!” Workshop

Last Minute Results Transformation: MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE IN JUST 3 WEEKS. It’s just less than a month before the O/A Level Examinations, and your child is still failing. As a parent, you are worried because the opportunity cost of failing in the critical year exam would be as high as wasting another year to study the same subjects again. Just when your child needs the most help, it seems like there is no hope. Have no fear, Advo is here!
Advo Offers A Proven System for Your Child to Get an ‘A’ in Less Than 1 Month. Yes, you heard us right. To get an ‘A’, regardless of your child’s current results. LMRT is a programme that is designed by crazy Advo Trainers who believe in making the ‘impossible’ possible. Over the past 5 years, we have transformed not just the results of students, some from F to A and some from always fail to their first pass, but also the self-esteem of our students from kids with low self-esteem to kids who now believe that “everything is possible, even miracles, if I want it hard enough”. This success experience, is what no amount of money can buy!

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