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Dreams (梦想)- From this simple word, a company committed to putting a glow in the universe was born. Since its inception, Advo Education Group ("Advo"), formerly known as Advocators Education, has moved from building its own dreams to building the dreams of others. We believe that each dream put back into an individual produces a glow in the universe.

In Advo, we see what we do beyond just coaching students to transform their results in school. We strongly believe that in the process of achieving the 'A' in school, our students become not just better individuals, but acquire the characteristics of a Gamechanger, who can be defined as a person who breaks conventions, solves problems to make the world a better place, and most importantly always striving to play to win and change the game even when everyone else believes otherwise.

In Advo, we teach only 1 lesson – Dreams, Success and Gratitude. This has always been the fundamentals of what we do. We deliver the same lesson, just through different contexts. For example, we want secondary school kids to learn dreams, success and gratitude using the vehicles of Math, Science, English and Chinese. You see, this is what we do differently. We are possibly crazy people who love to challenge the norms.

So to do what we are doing, we need 2 things: A Coach who is committed to his dreams, A approach called Academic Coaching (Fusing life-skills into academics), and A powerful technology called OPCM that allows students to achieve results.

We only take in people who not only have passion in coaching, but must be committed to their dreams. We are possibly the only company in the world that does a Dream Interview to choose educators to work with us by looking at how passionate and committed they are towards their dreams. Because we know one thing: Our children will only have dreams if their parents and teachers have dreams. That’s the thing that is missing in the education system today. Of course such confidence to transform is also backed with our unique technology to organize information called the OPCM - One Page Concept Map.

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