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Here in Alattas Group, we provide students with a conducive learning environment in the central part of Singapore - Bugis/Arab Street. With over 6000 students taught at various levels of education across 25 universities, our Head Trainer, Mr Omar Alattas has 25 years of experience in developing competency skills amongst youths who have since become leaders/managers in the corporate world.

We focus primarily on Mathematics and General Paper for the Junior College and IB students with the added FREE Total Development Pathway class for registered users of Alattas Group.

Communication Skills, Personal Development, Tertiary Planning, Career Planning and Career Progression are some of the over arching modules that will be developed for the students, on top of the Academic focus/skills of Mathematics & General Paper.

These will enable students of Alattas Group to perform well at pre-tertiary, tertiary and post-tertiary learning environments.

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