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Even when students pay attention in class and read everything in the notes, they still get do badly in exams. Why? Because questions are very different from each other these days and they test on students' abilities to analyze, interpret, conclude and develop based on information given.

As such questions require Higher Order Thinking, it makes sense to be trained in it.

At the centre, we train students by asking them specially-crafted questions that will trigger Higher Order Thinking in their minds.

Our classes are engaging as students get involved in discussions on concepts, definitions and applications.

Over time, they will get used to answering these questions such that they have the ability to think independently during exams.

As a result, most of our students:

- Do their homework faster with lesser difficulty
- Know what and how to study for exams
- Improve by at least 2 grades
- Have more time to spend with family due to a more efficient study model

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