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Basecamp Learning Centre is a tuition centre catering to Secondary and IP students. We are located in Katong Shopping Centre, and we are proud to provide quality and affordable education through our dynamic teaching: scaffolded learning materials (varying difficulty levels), rich in-house prepared materials as well as a solid understanding of how to best conduct lessons to help students with different learning preferences.

English, Mathematics, and Sciences centre of learning excellence

As an English, Mathematics, and Sciences centre of learning excellence, we are aware that different learning styles would fit each subject differently, and the context, content, and topic within each subject would lend themselves better to particular learning styles.

For instance, at Basecamp Learning Centre, English language tuition classes would be taught via visual learning, customised reading materials, discussions on contemporary issues and applications, as well as our experiential activities which facilitates deep learning of social issues via first hand experiences.

For Mathematics tuition, we focus in our tuition classes not just on the imparting of concepts through written explanations, but with graphical analyses, and physical modelling as well. This helps the brain form connections between mathematical concepts, builds intuition and mastery of mathematical thinking, and stimulates interest in the topic.

For Physics tuition and Chemistry tuition, we focus on visual demonstrations of concepts and hands-on experiments in our tuition classes which go beyond what is possible in schools to stimulate interest and build stronger understanding of Physics and Chemistry.

Call us: 6814 3787

Do call us to schedule your class. We have classes for English, Maths, Science, Physics, and Chemistry open for all levels.

Information at a glance

– Classes are once a week, two hours each
– To ensure that lessons remain conducive, we will cap the class size at 8 students
– Our teachers have more than 40 years' combined teaching experience
– Visit our website:

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