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Ex Student's Parent
by Guest 2 years ago

My godson, Garveen, was struggling with maths. With the help of Ben Maths he was able to make tremendous improvement. What really helped was intensive 1-to-1 tuition with math wizard, Ben, for two months before his final SA2 exam. At the end of a very challenging year with math, he went from failing to a Grade 1. I put it down to the fact that Ben and his team are first of all, amazingly strong in maths, and being so good at it themselves, they know precisely how to teach it. Which is the key, really. Ben was able to assess G's issues so he knew exactly what to hone in on. He's able to teach the language of maths to the student so the child understands everything very clearly. Garveen used to tell me, 'The way they teach, you understand perfectly and it all becomes very easy'. I wasn't so sure - actually, not sure at all - if moving from F9 to A1 was possible but Ben was super confident that it could be done. I told myself to wait and see. And true enough, when SA2 results came out, G scored a grade 1. I told Ben it was a miracle but for him, it was nothing unusual. He knows how to make a student understand math and the rest, as the saying goes, is easy peasy. Every student can do it, Ben says, if they understand the language of math. I can't thank you enough, Ben and your amazing team of math wizards. You guys are great... and doing a great job as by helping a child do well, you raise their confidence level so they are able to continue to excel. They need to do well to believe that they can do it. Continue with the good work you guys are doing! I haven't come across a bunch of guys like you all. And Ben, ok lah, I believe you now... Garveen is living proof that scoring a Grade 1 is very possible! But that's because you know exactly how to make it possible.

Ex-Student. Thanks for everything!
by Guest 2 years ago

I started attending lessons at Benjamin Maths midway through 2008, when my A levels were fast approaching. Math has never been my strongest subject, and my grades in JC up till that point can only point towards mathematical mediocrity, with failures being commonplace.
I was honestly lost in lectures, tutorials, and tests. Sometimes, I think that I understand the issues, but most of the time I get proven otherwise when attempting questions. It was really frustrating to be spending so much time on questions but still not getting the answers.
I knew that this could not go on till the A levels. Having heard of Benjamin Maths before, I decided to give it a try. Until this day, it remains one of the best decisions I've made for myself.
Benjamin demonstrates more than capable knowledge of mathematics and his techniques of teaching and guidance differ vastly from those taught in school, with creative and simple ways of solving even the most complex problems.
Furthermore, the level of hands-on and personal interaction with the teachers and teaching assistants went a great way in furthering my understanding of the subject. They understood my problems, and were always willing to help me out when needed them. The dedicated and personalised tutoring methods were hugely effective. They catered to my demands for extra lessons, though putting themselves at inconveniences. However, I truly started to grasp concepts and solve questions better.
Benjamin Maths simply made up for whatever I was lacking in school.
In the end, I managed to get an A for H2 Math. It was simply amazing, given the short amount of time that I had with them. I owe it all to Benjamin Maths for not only fishing me out of the depths of failure, but for pushing me up to the pinnacle of distinction.
Without Benjamin Maths, perhaps I would not even be where I am now, in my second year reading Law at NUS. So, here's a big thank you to Ben and all the dedicated teaching staff at Benjamin Maths :D

Benjamin Maths - An unprofessional tuition centre!
by Guest 3 years ago

Benjamin Maths - An unprofessional tuition centre:

- Admin opens centre late having students/ tutors waiting at main door, commonly 2 times in a month.
- Frequent changes of tutors disturb lessons, often once 1 month.
- Recurrent of relief tutors, average 3 times in every 2 months.

While feedback, the owner, Benjamin refuses to speak to parents. Admin & owner will not provide contact number or email for communication.

Refrain this centre if possible to avoid all headaches.

Previous Reviewer (Mrs Phee)
by Guest 3 years ago

Hi all, we need to put the previous review in context.

Mrs Phee insisted no replacement teachers thus when our teacher informed us of her need to reschedule the Saturday class on 10/9/16 with a weekday class during the September holidays, we informed all students and their parents 3 weeks in advanced that the Saturday class is reschedule to a weekday. Mrs Phee acknowledged.

The day before we called her to remind her. Message has been read but she didnt respond. We saved the Whatsapp message. But on the actual weekday she didn't come. So our staff called her to ask if she is on the way. She mentioned that her daughter was at home and mentioned that it's our fault that we didn't inform her. HELLOOO...

Mrs Phee insisted that it was our fault and demanded that our teacher come down on the Saturday to teach her daughter personally OR refund to her her balance of her fees ELSE she will damage our reputation. *We don't succumb to threats*

For your information, Mrs Phee stays at Toh Tuck HDB which is 5min walk to our Bukit Timah Centre. When we realised that that her daughter was still at home, we told her to walk over now. Mrs Phee refused to. *Probably in the hopes that we will succumb to her threats and proceed to conduct the Saturday class for her only*

We realised that this lady does not practise mutual respect and she wasn't the easiest person to live with, so we decided to take her 2nd option, drop her and return to her her money. She called back demanding to talk to our founder. We didn't see a point to talk. She said we were unprofessional to drop her daughter before the PSLE.

We told her, we merely selected her options given to us.

The balance of her comments are merely purely spiteful comments, with the intention to damage.

We at Benjamin Maths are constantly reminded that WHEN PEOPLE GO LOW, YOU GO HIGH.

Kudos to you Mrs Phee

by Guest 1 year ago

Really thankful that I had Benjamin as my math tutor. Within a short span of around 7months, my grade improved from U (block test 1) to A (A Level). He will explain the concepts using different ways until you fully understand it and not just blindly memorise. He is definitely a good tutor to have:)

JC Student
by Guest 1 year ago

Math today is still as gruelling as ever and that fact did not change till today. But Ben taught me that things weren't easy especially math. So thank you for making me do the difficult things for it made me learn so much. You really did make math slightly better albeit the dislike I still hold against it!!