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Does your child benefit from attending a composition writing class?

Do you need a writing coach to help your child improve his or her English composition writing skills?

Writing is a skill that improves with regular use and constructive feedback. Let our Writing Coach help your child develop effective creative writing skills!

At BIG IDEAZ, we conduct weekly composition writing classes for students from Primary 3 to 6. In these composition writing classes, our students learn to write by going through the Writing Process.

The two main building blocks for our writing classes are vocabulary building and writing techniques. Our students learn effective writing techniques that they can apply in their English compositions. They also get to expand their vocabulary so that they can express their ideas clearly.

Our class size is kept small (maximum 6 per class) so that attention can be given to each child.

We believe that every child can write, one step at a time! Our goal in every lesson is to provide students the steps to be a better and more confident writer.

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