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Brain Inc. provides a wide range of customized and academic-structured lesson plans to best accommodate the different needs of every student. Our class size is intentionally limited to a maximum of 6 students per class to allow our tutors to pay more attention to each student. We also place a strong focus on updating parents regularly on our students’ progress. The Centre constantly seeks feedback to ensure that our teaching methodologies are in line with our students’ learning curves.


Amelia Sim

An ex pre-school teacher qualified in Early Childhood Education (Teaching), Amelia specializes in coaching students in phonics at a young age. Her aim is to make English fun and enjoyable for every student. With more than 6 years of teaching experience, many students have improved their reading and writing skills under her guidance.

Apart from focusing on phonics, Amelia also focuses on the English Language and Mathematics (PSLE). The greatest satisfaction from teaching, she finds, is knowing that her students have applied what they have learnt (from her) in school and in their everyday lives.

With the belief that learning is not purely academic, Amelia makes it a point to get to know her students individually to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This approach has shown students enjoying her lessons with a better understanding of every curriculum.

Caine Ng

Graduating with Honors in English from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Caine has coached students to excel in subjects such English Language (‘O’ Levels), General Paper and English Literature (‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels)

Throughout his 7 years of tutoring experience, Caine has helped a diverse group of students across backgrounds and levels.

One key highlight of his tutoring career includes coaching private ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level candidates, and foreign students. He enjoys identifying the weak areas, or the “blind spots” of each student, and subsequently improving them until they become strengths.

Tutoring brings immense satisfaction to Caine, as he strongly believes that the right tutor will be able to make a great difference not just in the current academic situation, but more importantly, a broader and more profound impact to the students as he or she is able to create the future that is envisioned.

Schvelle Soon

A graduate of the University of London (UOL) with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Accounting and Finance, Schvelle possesses 8 years of teaching experience. She specialises in ‘O’ Level Mathematics (A & E Maths) and Combined Science. Throughout her years of teaching, Schvelle has helped many students achieve at least a B3 for their ‘O’ Level examinations.

What she strives to create in students is a sturdy fundamental understanding of what they are studying. She understands that school subjects tend to be overwhelming due to the heavy content load, and it is difficult to maintain a clear head throughout all the respective topics. Hence, she has created a simple link between the chapters, thus simplifying the information and helping students to see the underlying flow. This, in turn, naturally makes understanding and remembering of knowledge far easier for them.

She truly believes that every student has the ability to excel academically with the right guidance and the right learning attitude. Therefore, apart from coaching her students in their studies, she also relates to the difficulties students face in real life and provides guidance to help achieve their goals.

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Reviews for Brain Inc.

by Naofal Muhd 4 years ago

Shevelle and Amelia have been great help during my preparations for the N level Examinations. With their guidance I've gotten 11pts (4A and 1B)! For my N Level, Which allowed me to advance to a Polythecnic immediately. You're sure to ace your exams with the teachers at Braininc. Muhd Naofal, St. Patricks School.