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About this tuition group

  • Level: primary 4 to primary 6
  • Subject: Science
  • Max Class Size: 3

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Friday 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM


  • Florissa Park
    Singapore 789653

  • ex-school teacher

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More Information About This Class

There is so much relevance and meaning of Science in daily life! You will learn how to better understand and apply science topics by experiencing them through fun hands-on activities (indoors & outdoors), with the additional support of interactive e-resources. We will have focused coaching sessions to clarify doubts, enhance conceptual understanding, improve process skills & answering techniques to prep you for PSLE.

Tutor's Experience

- Have more than 14 years experience in the education sector (full time & flexi adjunct MOE teacher, private F2F & online tutor)
- Has at least 3 years experience as a PSLE Science marker

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About the tutor

Dionne Teo


  • Florissa Park

Testimonials for Dionne Teo

Mdm Tan P. C. (Parent) Jan 2017
by Guest 1 year ago

My daughter likes this tutor. She doesn't just explain the concepts but also uses daily examples to show the relevance, making learning meaningful for the child.

Instead of getting the child to practise tonnes of questions, she analysed my child's past year exam scripts and identified her weaknesses first. After which she will explain and pick out similar type of questions to further check on the child's understanding, to ensure that she is confident in handling those types before moving on. Great focus on process skills and conceptual understanding. Not mere memorisation of facts and answers. Her Powerpoint slides were useful for the child.

My child is actively engaged through questioning. This helps the tutor better understand her thought processes, enabling the tutor to guide the child in focused learning. I will strongly recommend parents to engage her.

[P6 PSLE 2017 from A to A*]

Mrs Lee (Parent) Nov 2019
by Guest 1 year ago

I am glad that I have Ms Dionne to coach my child. Ms Dionne does not merely emphasis on spoon-feeding information and drilling exercises, she adopts a tailored approach by analysing my child’s past exam papers to identify the gaps in his conceptual knowledge and work towards improving them. Aside from that, she helps my child sees and appreciates the relevance of science through hands-on learning approach that challenge him to think critically beyond the mere regurgitation of facts.

As a hands-on parent, I communicated often with Ms Dionne and she is always obliging in answering my queries via message which I greatly appreciated! She has given me the confidence that my child is in good hands.

[Son PSLE 2021 from AL5 to AL3; daughter PSLE 2017 from B to A]

Mrs Chang (Grandma of tutees) Dec 2019
by Guest 1 year ago

Dionne tutored my two granddaughters who had not been doing well in Science, and helped them notch a marked improvement. Both girls were only averaging 40+ marks in their school exams, but Dionne’s dedication and analysis helped the older girl clear her PSLE, and the younger girl jump from 47% in the first semester to 77% in the second. Dionne’s greatest strength is her observation and systematic analysis of the children’s weak areas. She identifies the key concepts to be clarified, and then gets them to practise variants of these areas until they are able to confidently answer. To help embed these concepts in the children, Dionne conducts experiments with them. Her teaching methods are really helpful and I would gladly recommend her as a tutor.

[P6 PSLE 2019 from D to C; P4 from 47 SA1 to 77 SA2]

Wenli (Parent) Dec 2019
by Guest 1 year ago

From daughter:
My child likes this tutor. She is able to explain the science concepts clearly to her. She also does experiments which keeps the lesson more fun instead of just doing worksheets.

From parent:
As a parent, I am very pleased with Dionne in every aspect! She is a responsible tutor who is always punctual for lessons and genuinely loves kids. She is patient with my child and will ensure that she understands the topic using practical experiments instead of simply imposing memorising regimes. Dionne never fails to go that extra mile to motivate my child in achieving academic excellence!

[Son PSLE 2018 from C to B; daughter PSLE 2020 from B to A]

Cheryl (Parent) Nov 2022
by Guest 1 year ago

Ms Dionne is a very patient and responsible teacher. Both my kids enjoyed having lessons with her. She will make the lessons more interesting and easier to understand by doing experiments with the kids. She will assist to analyse the kids’ mistakes and go through with them. Very flexible and will go the extra mile to motivate the kids. Definitely will recommend her to others.

Jovan (Student) Oct 2022
by Guest 1 year ago

I recommend this tutor as she’s a very good tutor due to the various object lessons she arranges to make the lessons fun and interactive. One thing I like the most about this tutor is that she cares for my well-being over academics. When I’m feeling tired, she would take the first 5-10mins to check up on me before going on. During lessons, she uses various tools and experiments to maximise learning and exposure for me.