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About this tuition group

  • Level: secondary 3 to secondary 5
  • Subject: Social Studies, History
  • Max Class Size: 8

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Tuesday 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM


  • 505C Bishan Street 11
    Singapore 573505

  • Subjects
  • ex-school teacher
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More Information About This Class

Having problems with SBQ/SBCS? Finding the topics too heavy to handle? Need to improve on writing proaches? I'm here to help!

Tutor's Experience

Hi, I'm Daniel and I graduated from NUS before going for NIE education and teaching full-time in History and Literature. I taught for 7 years in mainstream secondary schools and have taught History and SS for O level students. After leaving SJI, I was employed in private education as a HOD in Literature. I am now tutoring while taking part-time Masters.

I like food, swimming and being active. I believe learning should be FUN. I believe everyone can succeed if given the chance and if given the motivation to excel. Modern world tyrants like Hitler and Stalin are both scary and fascinating--scary because of the harm they brought to the world, but fascinating because of their singleness of purpose.

If you have problems with source-based exercises or doing well in Historical facts, this class is for you!

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About the tutor

Daniel Ng


  • 505C Bishan Street 11

Testimonials for Daniel Ng

by Joslyn Lim 2 years ago

Mr Ng ignited my interest in History when he taught me from Secondary 1 all the way to Secondary 4. Thoughout these few years, he has always been really encouraging, even when the topics taught were less interesting or when I didn't do as well in some assessments and exams. He made lessons enjoyable and something that we always looked forward to. He always ensured that we fully understood what was taught, and provided us extra information to make lessons memorable and engaging. In doing so, I was motivated to succeed as he always went the extra mile for us, by giving us extra consultatations. I do not regret taking History in secondary school even when many people, including myself, were apprehensive about it, and I appreaciate his efforts even till now

by Carissa Teng 3 years ago

Mr Ng took me for literature when I was in Secondary 1 and 2, and he sparked my love for literature which encouraged me take up Pure Literature for my O Levels. Mr Ng is very dedicated in his teaching and constantly makes sure that his students find joy in learning. I really looked forward to his lessons at the start of the week as I always enjoys his class. Literature classes with Mr Ng has always been something I miss in Secondary school as I have benefited alot from his teaching!


Mr Ng is a really inspiring and fun teacher ! He never fails to engage the class and he also thinks from the student's point of view which makes it easier for us to learn and remember all the facts and information. He communicates with the students well which is an important aspect every teacher should have!

by Gabrielle Lee 3 years ago

Mr Daniel is great teacher! He made class engaging and interesting, and brought the compulsory texts we had to life with his passion for Literature. He is also extremely understanding, but strict when it comes to work, which I felt was a good balance when helping us to learn.

by June Ellie 3 years ago

Mr Ng is a fantastic History teacher. I wasn't exactly a good student back then, and didn't bother to take my classes seriously. However, Mr Ng made History amazingly interesting, such that I was constantly looking forward to his classes. He was very supportive as well, always willing to help his students. He never judged me or regarded me as a mere troublemaker in spite of my behaviour, believing I could make something of myself. It was because of him that I was determined to do well, at least in History, if not everything else.

by Adelle Tan 3 years ago

Mr Ng is a teacher who is very passionate about Literature and and shows great enthusiasm during his lessons. He is extremely patient with his students and does not get frustrated easily. He has helped me in literature a lot, in fact, he managed to help me to pull up my grades during SA1 from a B4 to a A2. He makes learning Literature a great fun and make all the concepts so easy to grasp and remember. He is truely a great choice if you're looking for somone who can really help you excell in Literature.