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About this tuition group

  • Level: secondary 3 to secondary 5
  • Subject: Physics
  • Max Class Size: 5

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Saturday 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM


  • 302 Tampines Street 32
    Singapore 520302

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More Information About This Class

My class will be run in a flexible and informal way. There will be a lot of interactive discussions between my students and I, that's why I encourage my students to be proactive and take initiate to ask questions as well as to answer them.
My lesson schedule will be as such; each topic will be covered within 2-3 lessons. I shall use the topic Kinematics to illustrate this :)

For the first lesson, I will be explaining the different concepts of Kinematics, e.g. definitions of displacement, velocity, acceleration/ the motion time graphs/ finding displacement,acceleration in v-t graph/ acceleration during free fall w/out air resistance. I will hand out notes for each topics too, which includes practice questions that is categorized based on the different concepts. After my explanation, students will be attempting these questions and i will go through them at the end of the lesson.

*After lesson, 30 tutorial questions (rank by difficulty, Level 1, 2 ,3) is given out as homework

For the second lesson, I will be going through the tutorial questions. For better students who got most questions right, I will give them more Level 3 questions to do during lesson. For weaker students, I will set aside some time to personally go through with them the easier questions.

For the third lesson, I will conduct a topical test. There will be MCQs and long structured questions. Students will be sitting for it in an exam condition and expected to complete within the time frame. I will go through the test at the end of lesson.

If interested, pm me your email, and I can send you a sample lesson package for topic Kinematics :)

Tutor's Experience

Hi parents/students! I am a part time student tutor, now awaiting to go to university, taking Business Analytics in NUS. Throughout my two years of teaching, I have the opportunity to teach students of various levels ranging from upper primary to upper secondary to JC. Hence, I can relate to the learning needs and aptitude of my students at the different stages of education. As I myself was a student few years back, I can fully empathize the stress and challenges of a school life and would very much love to share with my students my personal coping strategies :)

My teaching strategies:
1) Engaging with my student in discussions. I will not be the only one 'preaching' the lessons and providing all the answers. My student has to contribute his/her fair share too; explaining the concepts and how he/she arrives at the answer and I will correct their mistakes if any. This way, I know how my student learns, what he/she is learning wrong and ensuring that they have understood fully the concepts. Of course, I have to be friendly and approachable :)

2) Conceptual learning. I won't be going through entire syllables as I find it unproductive. Instead, I follow up on chapters the school has finished teaching and focus MORE on concepts my student is weaker at. Questions will be selectively chosen for practises and more time will be devoted to explain them in a coherent and lucid way. Given the limited lesson time we have per week, by focusing more on students' weaknesses, I am confident to cover syllables on time. Our lessons are made valued for time and money.

3) Raising an independent learner. I strongly belief that a student who is curious, motivated and is able to think for himself/herself will excel in the long run than the student who study solely for grades. Bearing this personal philosophy in mind, I strive to teach my students the methods of thinking logically as well as to kindle their passion for learning. Simply feeding them knowledge is secondary I feel. Furthermore the syllables nowadays has changed; exam questions are getting harder to spot and a lot more emphasis is being placed on critical thinking. Students can no longer rely on rote memorizing to score an A grade. This is why students need to be taught how to think critically in my lessons.

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About the tutor

Yeo Yi


  • 302 Tampines Street 32

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