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  • Level: secondary 4
  • Subject: Elementary Math
  • Max Class Size: 6

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  • Thursday 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM


  • 433 Clementi Avenue 3
    Singapore 120433

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More Information About This Class

Our centre founder Mr Yeo believes in the Singapore Mathematics framework conceived by the MOE. He uses the Common Pedagogical Approach built upon Jerome Brunner’s Theory of Representation. One example is the Enactive Representation Iconic Representation Symbolic Representation. To allow students to learn anything abstract, they will need to be moved from the concrete representation then to the pictorial representation then the abstract representation.

The Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach has benefited many students in the following ways:

1) It is useful method to allow students better grasp the concrete math concept before engaging the required mathematical steps/ workings.

2) It allows clearer pictorial representation for visual learners

3) It enables students to identify algorithm and patterns within a question and using this abstract information to solve of complex word problem.

• A centre of excellence for learning math
(secondary level) .

• To provide professional coaching so as to equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge and strategies to ace in the national examinations .

• To create a conducive environment for active learners to develop a deeper appreciation for math .

• To foster a greater understanding of math elegance in real life context .

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Alpha Omega Learning Hub (The Mathematic Specialists)

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  • 433 Clementi Avenue 3
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Reviews for Alpha Omega Learning Hub

Current student
by Glenn Chua 4 years ago

Mr Yeo has been teaching me since june 2015 and since then my math has been improving. He is patient , experienced and has a sense of humour. I enjoy his lessons very much. He always tries his best to make lessons enjoyable and make sure we understand our doubts before attempting the next question. He always puts in maximum effort in making sure our progress is constantlg improving.

Current student

Mr Yeo has been a kind and caring teacher towards all of his students. He often engages his students to do their best and makes lessons enjoyable. His sense of humour always makes the lessons less dry and boring. If not for him, my mathematics would never have improved or made me who I am today. He is currently preparing me for my GCE 'O' levels and I am motivated to do my best. Thank you Mr Yeo!

by Janice Koh 4 years ago

Mr Yeo taught me E Maths, A Maths and Physics when i was going to sit for my O'level examinations in 2015. He is always patient with me even though i am a slow paced learner and may need him to repeat his words a few times . Mr Yeo started teaching me tuition in late July last year. Under his guidance, i can better understand concepts and apply it with understanding. I used to score badly for my Physics and A Maths. The worst that i have gotten for A Maths was F9. However, i managed to score a B3 for my combined science instead of my usual C6 and shockingly scored B4 for my A Maths. My E Maths remained consistent and i attained A2. Mr Yeo really put in a lot of effort in teaching his students and ensuring that their doubts are clarified. Without his guidance, i wouldn't have made such a huge improvement. Thank you Mr Yeo!