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About this tuition group

  • Level: primary 1 to primary 3
  • Subject: Maths
  • Max Class Size: 5

Class days (2 Time(s) per week)

  • Monday 04:30 PM - 06:00 PM
  • Thursday 04:30 PM - 06:00 PM


  • 719 Woodlands Avenue 6
    Singapore 730719

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More Information About This Class

Learning should be fun.
My believe is that we work hard and put our best foot forward so that we can play better.

Learning is not entirely sitting and listening to the teacher talking but would be more hands-on. Students will be exposed to problem-based learning (PBL) as much as possible to enhance their skills.

Foundation is key to everything. Thus, in my class, I will continue to reiterate the basic concepts of every topic. For example, I feel that its pointless moving forward to challenging word problems if students can't master their time stable.

Tutor's Experience

I was an allied educator for 5 years. I am familiar with MOE syllabus. I have worked with various students.

The normal pool of students under my charge are normally students with learning difficulties or those not progressing as fast as their peers.

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  • 719 Woodlands Avenue 6

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