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About this tuition group

  • Level: primary 4 to primary 6
  • Subject: X-Maths Olympiad Singapore for Primary 3-6 Student
  • Max Class Size: 4

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  • Sunday 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM


  • 26 Jalan Lempeng
    Singapore 128805

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More Information About This Class

X-Maths Olympiad is to prepare primary school students for major Math Olympiad competitions, such as SMOPS, NMOS, RIPMWC or Mathlympics, etc.

Why Math Olympiad? Through the learning of Math Olympiad, the students will be unlocked for their great potentials of logical thinking and multiple aspects of solving challenging mathematical problems. Needless to say, it will gain advantages for student during Primary 4 to 6 in their math grades. Another important benefit is that Math Olympiad could be the student’s access to Direct School Admissions (DSA). Participating in Math Olympiad is especially valuable for the students who didn’t enter GEP program but unveiled their great potential in subjects like maths in later stage of their primary education. Achievement in Math Olympiad will demonstrate student’s capability to be qualified for IP programs, and this will further reduce the stress of PSLE scores to enter top schools in Singapore.

X-Maths Teaching Approach

Build solid foundation — Solid foundation will pave the way for efficient learning through out the student’s education. Each student will get personalized training and practices to strengthen their foundation.
Advanced learning — In order to prepare for Olympiad competitions, student will learn in advance the knowledge that will be covered by the school syllabus. This will improve the student’s performance in regular maths study, such as PSLE.
Develop skills — The students will be trained for a series of skills that will help them solves challenging maths and logic questions. Such skills including: reverse-thinking skills, critical thinking skills, quick and flexible calculation skills, problem solving skills, pattern recognition, etc.
Culture passion and interests in maths — Passion and interests are the key drives to overcome difficult challenges in Maths Olympiad. The trainer will use various approaches to stimulate the students’ interests in maths.

For more information, please visit: https://sgxmaths.wordpress.com/home

Tutor's Experience

Dr. Liu (Ph.D.) was trained systematically from primary school to high school (JC) for Mathematical Olympiad Competition. He got first class award in National High School (JC level) Mathematical Olympiad Competition and second class award in Chemistry Olympiad Competition in China.
Dr. Liu is passionate about Math Olympiad training. He also has rich experience of teaching students of various levels previously, including:

Undergraduate final-year research projects (NUS)GRADUATE
Undergraduate experimental modules (NUS)
JC A-level H2 and H1 maths
Sec O-level E-maths
Polytec Statistics
Diploma business maths
P4-P5 Maths Olympiad

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About the tutor

Yuanjie Liu


  • 26 Jalan Lempeng

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