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  • Level: secondary 3
  • Subject: Elementary Math, Additional Maths
  • Max Class Size: 5

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  • Saturday 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


  • 519 Jurong West Street 52
    Singapore 640519

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More Information About This Class

Chapters in the O Levels Mathematics syllabus are often mind-boggling for students trying to pick them up.

Especially in the Gap Years (Primary Mathematics to Lower Secondary Mathematics, or Lower Secondary Mathematics to O Levels Mathematics) the methods needed for the newer chapters are significantly different from what was previously learnt.

Many students are then forced to do many practice papers to memorise the different content no matter how random the content is presented to them.

By constantly updating ourselves with new methods of teaching, we aim to deliver content in an easy to understand manner, instead of having our students memorise every single question type and solution. The holistic approach to learning is often preferred by students and is known to be remembered more easily due to the additional element of complete understanding.

Sharing these experiences with our students in the O Levels Mathematics tuition classes makes the examinations an even more surmountable obstacle.

After all, the syllabus content delivered for the O Levels Mathematics Examinations are often said to be needed well after leaving secondary school, so why not develop a sound mathematics foundation with us today?

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We provide small group tutoring for students from primary school to junior college.

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