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About this tuition group

  • Level: secondary 1 to secondary 2
  • Subject: Chinese, Chinese writing, Chinese Paper 1
  • Max Class Size: 3

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Saturday 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM


  • 48 Strathmore Avenue
    Singapore 140048

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More Information About This Class

Class will be conducted based on students of different grades. E.g. students aiming for A, B, C (grades) will be grouped in 3 different classes. Classes will be grouped according to Lower/Upper Secondary as well. (This listing is for lower sec. Visit another listing for Upper sec)

Student will be learning special writing techniques that schools and tuition centers didn't teach.
For Example:
1) Compo (narrative):
a. Flash-back template (combining with montage technique)
b. Forecasting technique using environmental elements such as weather etc
c. Easy-to-use metaphor, personification and symbolism skills
d. 肖像描写,行动描写,语言描写,心理描写
e. 修辞,张力,人物描写,环境描写
f. And many more.
2) Compo (argumentative) / Email (formal/informal):
a. Layers of Elaboration (tutor's unique technique)
b. Layers of Elaboration (advanced) combined with 反问,假设,引典,举例,比较,换位
c. Case Study (discussion)
d. Templates (good phrases/idioms)
e. And many more

Students will be learning the above mentioned techniques one step at a time, in a systematic way along with practical after theories. The techniques are designed in a way to put together cohesively, not as a burden. Thus students will have a gradual and smooth learning curve to learn everything under the big picture from time to time. Basic to Advance versions of the above techniques will be taught to students of different grades/foundation.

Tutor's Experience

Full-time Chinese tutor. Also a Chinese teacher in the Children Cancer Foundation for 4 years. 8 years of Chinese teaching experience. Am also a writer with 17 pieces of works published (in 2016) in Singapore literature publications. Specialize in O-level.

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About the tutor

Steve Tan


  • 48 Strathmore Avenue

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