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About this tuition group

  • Level: Junior College
  • Subject: Maths (H2)
  • Max Class Size: 8

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Sunday 11:30 AM - 01:30 PM


  • 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
    Singapore 588177

  • ex-school teacher
  • Aircon

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More Information About This Class

Espen adopts an exam orientated style in his teaching methodology and helps students maximize their improvement within the shortest possible time. He breaks down complex concepts to facilitate understanding and in doing do, students found Espen’s lessons to be interesting and engaging. He has tutored students from Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, National Junior College, Victoria Junior College, and other JCs.

Tutor's Experience

Mr Espen Lim Chee Siong has been tutoring students in A Level physics and A Level maths for about 18 years. Mr Lim, a mechanical engineering graduate with previous experience teaching in a junior college, gave personal home tuition for about 10 years before moving on to group tuition, capped to a class size of six students.

His transition to small group tuition is driven by his desire of impacting the lives of more students. It allows the maximization of learning effectiveness through personalized attention in a group setting, something that cannot be achieved by large group tuition.

The father of two children, aged three months and 21 months, goes the extra mile by providing notes and customizing his lessons to accommodate different learning abilities.

He employs an exam orientated style in his teaching to help students maximize their improvement in the shortest possible time. Students find Mr Lim’s lessons interesting and have given feedback that he is able to break down complex concepts to facilitate understanding by the students.

He gets his greatest satisfaction when he sees his students understand what they have been taught and are able to translate that understanding into better academic performance.

Between 2015 and 2017, he tutored more than 100 students from various junior colleges. 96% of those students achieved As and Bs in their A-level examinations. He has also been featured in MyPaper, The Straits Times and The New Paper.

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About the tutor



  • 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Testimonials for Espen

Ex-Student VJC
by 4 years ago

Espen is a fantastic teacher. During my time with him, he taught me how to break down complex questions into smaller ones so that it would be easier for me to tackle it as a whole. He instilled into me a direct approach towards problem solving that is not only quick and efficient, but also simple to use. He is observant and never overlooks anything, and is always there to ensure that you understand everything first before attempting to take on any problems.

Ex-Student TPJC
by Guest 4 years ago

Two years of tuition with you has been both enjoyable and greatly helpful. I feel the most helpful aspect of the tuition is how it complements my existing school work and the timely revisions for tests and Exams. The topical worksheets and revision notes you provide every week are very helpful and not restrictive on my time for school work. The help you provide outside tuition hours via WhatsApp is extremely helpful as my doubts were cleared almost instantly. Nearing the A-levels, the rigorous revisions were not tiring but fun and very informative.

Ex-Student TJC
by Guest 4 years ago

Mr Lim, thank you for being ever so patient with my wacky and weird questions, always ensuring that I understood what you were teaching before moving on to the next topic. I have seen that my understanding in topics has improved tremendously after I joined you in mid year of my J1. You have a different teaching style compared to the numerous other tuition centres I have undergone and I very much like there concept of a teacher being able to point out my weakness and from there, help me improve in my weaker topics.

Ex-Student IJC
by Guest 4 years ago

Mr Lim is the most inspiring, motivating and smartest teacher I’ve ever met. Having gotten a U grade from my first physics test in JC2, I was devastated and extremely low in confidence. A good friend of mine highly recommended Mr Lim and I decided to go for his lessons. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Mr Lim is always encouraging and approachable. His lessons were engaging and never daunting. He made the most difficult questions look elementary. Gradually, I regained my confidence and my grades improved. Finally, I got an A for A levels, something I never thought would be possible. Thanks Mr Lim!

Ex-Student SAJC
by Guest 4 years ago

Before joining Espen, my H2 physics got an E for my J1 finals. After joining however, my grades saw an improvement and maintained a B or C throughout J2. Espen's ability to cater to each student's need coupled with his friendly disposition has made lessons enjoyable for me! In class I was very open and participated enthusiastically. Physics became a fun and easier subject to manage and it became one where I had confidence of getting an A. Regardless of the time, Espen always replies my messages and he offers to help me even at 2am. With his customised teaching approach, Espen will surely help you achieve your A.