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About this tuition group

  • Level: primary 1 to primary 3
  • Subject: Maths
  • Max Class Size: 4

Class days (2 Time(s) per week)

  • Monday 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Friday 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM


  • 273B Jurong West Avenue 3
    Singapore 642273

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More Information About This Class

Mathematics can sometimes be a pain in the ass but most of the time, it is an enjoyable subject because you will get to experience the feeling of accomplishment after completing every question.
Learning objectives:
1. Analyse the questions
2. Thinking process of solving the question
3. Overcome thoughts hurdles
4. Solve challenging questions with others (Remember, two heads are better than one)
5. Sharpen your skills when you compete and grow together

Why I should be your choice as a tuition teacher?
1. I have former experience of teaching my cousins who were primary students.
2. 3Ps'- Patient, Passion and practical
3. I have the will to teach you how to 'fish' and not to give you a 'fish'.(A chinese proverb)
4. I will always improvise the way I teach to suit your needs and make the class more enjoyable and fruitful.

Please bring along your...
1. Stationary
2. A small notebook
If you have any questions regarding your studies, do bring along your textbooks/other forms of assignments.

Tutor's Experience

Hello, everyone. I am Tan Ying and I'm pleasured to teach you guys. I am currently waiting on my O Level results and would like to dedicate my time to help your child/ you with your studies. Mathematics is my best and favorite subject of all time.

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About the tutor

Tan Ying


  • 273B Jurong West Avenue 3

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