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About this tuition group

  • Level: primary 4 to primary 6
  • Subject: English
  • Max Class Size: 3

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Saturday 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM


  • 155 Hougang Street 11
    Singapore 530155

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More Information About This Class

Greetings, dear students and/or parents!

Welcome to my 'Ace in English for all Upper Primary Learners' group class for the Upper Primary level.

This group class is all about building up your basic English foundation! This includes grammar, tense structure, basic sentence-structuring and vocabulary! Students will eventually progress onto intermediate-advanced levels, which will tackle prepositions, conjunctions and critical-thinking! With these newly-honed English techniques, let us both teacher and student(s) take on even more challenging creative-writing and comprehension components as we move along the Upper Primary level!

This class will not dictate what you can or cannot do... but it will most definitely empower you in your study of the English language.

This series cater towards those who are currently studying in the Upper Primary levels, from Primary 4 to 6. This is the best, most important period of time where students grow comfortable with the English language and applying it in their daily life, besides school.

These classes are for those who want to reinforce what they have learnt in school, be it grammar, vocabulary, phrasal verbs and writing and comprehension techniques! The list is not exhaustive as I believe that we can never work hard enough to build up a stable foundation for further development of the English language!

Please continue to read for further understanding.

OVERVIEW (What you can definitely expect from the class!):
This class series focuses on building up a concrete foundation for the English language through the reinforcement of the language basics. The common language basics will most definitely include verb usage, grammar technique and basic short essay-writing such as anecdotes and situational-writing and comprehension. This series is specially designed to nurture creative learning and critical thinking in the child as he or she advances in the language. No matter which level you are, this class series will ultimately be preparing you for the final hurdle of your primary school education, the PSLEs.

FOCUS AREAS (You will be learning these!):

• Fortify your writing with more vocabulary - adding flavor through apt description:
Students will build their very own webs of vocabulary through mind-mapping techniques. From synonyms and antonyms to the more advanced metaphors and similes, readers will be so hooked on your anecdotes that they cannot stop reading.

• Stabilize and refine your technique with grammar - the backbone of all languages.
The English language has 3 timelines: Past, present and future. They come in the form of English tenses! Besides prepositions and conjunctions, the ever-useful 'bridges' in English, let's learn appropriate sentence-building and structuring, topical-writing and more.

• Take on the 3 Giants of the English language - Composition, Comprehension and Oral:
In addition to gaining the tools, the next step will be to use them in the more challenging areas of English, namely composition-writing, comprehension and picture discussion! Refine and stabilize your technique by advancing through the levels!

Expect to understand sentence-structuring that were once difficult to you after stabilizing your grammar technique! All the more, don't be too surprised that you are able to do the exact same things with little effort after all of your hard work.

Gain a lead over your classmates by picking up and refining your composition and comprehension technique! Remember, you can go anywhere with a stable language foundation.

First, build your boat by refining your basics, then sail the world!

Tutor's Experience

Hi there! I'm Jane and I've built up a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge over 5 years: 2 with the Ministry of Education, and 3 on my own as a private tutor.

My most popularly sought-after subjects are the English and Chinese languages.

Recently, I have started teaching Japanese and other foreign languages to much warm reception by the students.

I'm 25 this year and a Singaporean, but sometimes people mistake me for being Japanese for my deep appreciation for the Japanese culture in addition to my language study itself.

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About the tutor

  • 155 Hougang Street 11

Testimonials for Jane Phung Jing Yi

Parent of Ex-Student
by Guest 2 years ago

Please be careful....... She set up some so-called company "The Language Studio" at the website www.thelanguagestudio.sg ....... under a different name Jane Feng but the very same person. beware. all i will say is... make sure u monitor ur child carefully.

by Guest 2 years ago

I feel this person is a bit suspicious..... Not only that, she changed her names so many times, I only realised its the same number 91716392, but actually she use different names like phung jingyi, jy phung, jy feng, jane feng...... who knwos what next, tarzan??? is it because trying to avoid previous bad reviewers i don't know....... Anyway, heard many strange things about her, actually she seems quite normal during first meeting but like the first poster said, weird marks on the legs like she hits herself or something??? and somehow i just didn't feel comfortable trusting her around my child.

Parent of ex-student
by Guest 3 years ago

Waste of money,very unprofessional. I can teach my child myself and get a better result. Same experience from my other friends' kids. And she was late! My advise is do your research before committing. Or meet the tutor in person to interview first. Not only that, I should have known there was something wrong when I saw the marks on her body especially legs which are very scary and suggests she has some issues. Be careful who you let near your kids.